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Doom: Evil Unleashed 
 PostWed Jan 11, 2012 7:28 pm
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This is a review of Doom: Evil Unleashed.

I must preface this by saying Iíve never played Doom or any of its sequels. Thankfully this didnít matter too much as it was pretty easy to tell what was going on in Evil Unleashed. The dialogue is clear enough (and not written by the creator of the game, if Iím remembering right?). In fact, the dialogue was actually probably the best part of the 15 minutes I played hereóit did a good job establishing the present characters.

I canít figure out what Iím supposed to do in this game. Itís possible Iím just an idiot, but I explored all of the rooms, found a switch that didnít seem to do anything, and deemed it impossible to continue. Itís kind of a shame because I thought that otherwise the game was put together better than anticipated. I also found a lot of ammo lying around, but no guns to use said ammo with. Perhaps they are to be found later on.

Evil Unleashed makes several steps toward looking polished that I appreciated. The face in the UI indicating your health status is a nice touch, I assume taken from the original Doom. The sound effects are well done, though the menu noises could be lowered in volume a tad. I appreciate the creatorís attempt to make corpses appear when you kill enemies, but this is sadly quite buggy through no fault of his own. The OHR just doesnít handle such things well. Iím afraid that to an outsider, corpses appearing in the corner of the screen would just look silly.

Overall Iím surprised that a first-person shooter makes such a neat transition to the RPG genre, but since I havenít played many games like this I could just be behind the times. Iím sure thereís a way to move forward in the game, so Iím going to give Evil Unleashed the benefit of a doubt. Itís probably decent for what it is.

Rating: 5.5 Mutilated Corpses out of 10
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