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Quest Game 
 PostWed Jan 11, 2012 4:35 pm
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This is a review of Quest Game.

Quest Game is a 5 minute (if that) demo that probably shouldn't have been uploaded yet. However, as long as we're gonna review it, we're gonna review what's there. Sadly, there isn't much working in the game's favor in this stage.

Quest Game looks to be a humorous take on the traditional JRPG. The plot given is straight-up Dragon Quest: talk to the king, get a mission, go do it. Nothing wrong with that, and the best thing about Quest Game is that it doesn't take itself too seriously. We can't say too much else about the game at this point, but I do fear that it isn't doing anything especially unique with its approach. The humor isn't approaching RPGs from an angle you couldn't find on TVTropes or something. It needs a twist to make it memorable.

The graphics in the game are a pretty big mixed bag. I like the actual style and the way the NPCs animate as they walk, but everything looks like it was drawn at 2.5 times the size and then compressed. This is very jarring, and does not benefit the game. It's made worse by the battle graphics, which look like they were drawn at a smaller size than the walkabouts. The perspective on the backdrops is also sort of confusing and almost spherical. All in all, I can't say I'm too impressed with much here.

Quest Game might have been abandoned, and hey, that could be for the best. Sh4dows clearly has some talent, and the more he makes, the better his stuff will get. If he is continuing to make this, it really needs some feature or plot element to make it stick out right from the beginning.

Rating: 1 But Thou Must out of 10
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