2011 In Review 09: Mostly Involving Robots

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2011 In Review 09: Mostly Involving Robots

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The final entry in the Fight Battle Contest, Momoka's "Mostly Involving Robots" is a mediocre effort with occasional hints of goodness. A bunch of robots are hangin' around a graveyard which is a cool concept. An NPC makes some confusing statements and then gives you a wall of text about each robot and their gimmick. None of this matters because all you have to do is kill Anger and you win. All you have to do is hold down the spacebar and you can kill Anger.

Visually, the game is okay. The robots have distinct designs, though there's not a lot of detail or shading or anything like that. Unique among the Fight Battle Games, MIR has maptiles. I don't know if they were borrowed from another project or not, but they're nice. It kind of feels like maybe he converted a game he was working on into a quick demo for the contest, and then as was the theme in 2011, never finished it off.

It could've used some polish. Even making the other robots not run away without Anger would've been a step in the right direction. "Mostly Involving Robots" was only Momoka's second release, and with that in mind he did rather well. The maptiles were lively, the robots were acceptable, and the battle showed some skill, but it was little mistakes that kept it from really being memorable.

Score: 3/10
2011 Score (Per January 31st): 60/100

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