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Grayscale by Master K is a game that could be good if it were less immature, more complete, and a whole lot better balanced. The visual style of the game is very nice, and I have little issue with it. It uses the default OHR music, which probably needs to be changed simply because it’s all unfitting. I really like old Game Boy games, so seeing the monochrome style made me smile, but I wish it was used in a better game.

The references have to go. Yeah, most of them are to Pokémon, which is sort of fitting, but they come off as too kitschy and gimmicky. The author needs to let Grayscale stand on its own because he has a decent idea for a setting. I don’t mind the silly dialogue, but when half the NPCs are either making fourth wall references or just saying “Hey” there’s not much to get here. Instead of just having the plot be generic and make reference to the fact that the world’s monochrome, why not have the fact that it’s monochrome be important to the plot? Maybe a sorcerer cast a spell that made everything gray, and the hero must embark on a quest for color? It’s not going to win an Oscar, but it’s better than the motivation present in the game, which is nil.

Balance is also an issue in the game. Your character has thousands of magic points and spells that cost 2 or 3, kills all enemies including bosses in one hit, and never gains relevant stats besides Speed from armor because the numbers are scaled so high. I don’t mind playing an easy game, but at least give me the illusion of difficulty. This game needs work, but it has a cool enough aesthetic that it could be good if the work is done.

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