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 PostTue Jan 10, 2012 9:21 pm
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This is a review of triangle.

Triangle was an entry in the wild hotbed of insanity that was the 2011 OHR Film Festival Contest. Wherever you stand on the issues that went down, itís hard to deny that this game had an effect on people. Was it a vile attack against the contest organizer? Was it a bit of satire made with the intent of reminding us all what once was? You can be the judge, but I think it better to look at the game on its own merits.

I believe that Triangle was more like a true artful film than any other entry in the contest. In the words of Hachi-Roku, ďafter a certain part of the movie, NOBODY SAID ANYTHING,Ē and yet you knew what was going on. The emotion was felt, whether it was disturbing or not. The dialogue was silly and atrocious, but it was effective in painting a picture of Mr. Triangle as the director saw him. The hand-drawn backgrounds were eerie and used to great effect.

I must mention that Triangle, in concept, is meant to reflect a game I made the year beforeóDuck. Itís a darker, more serious take on a character created by a new OHR user. The difference, though, is that the director of Triangle did not create the character he chose to analyze, so it was inevitable that the game came off as an attack. (NOTE: I realize what Iím about to say here is probably controversial, but please understand that I think it needs to be said) I can say now that if RMZ did not in some way regret what his Mr. Triangle character once was, heís either a disgusting person or a liar; the fact that the character has taken a less homophobic turn since is testament to this. If RMZ had made a game like Triangle with the same goal (revisiting the original character, warts and all) before Triangle got released, it should by all rights have had a similar take on the character. The reboot planned afterward seems more like revisionist history than actual acceptance.

In short, this game cannot escape from the controversy it represents. It IS the controversy. But thatís okay with me, because this is a subject that more authors should really try and deal with. What do we think of our past works? Do we regret things weíve said, things weíve done? Can we accept them how they are and grow because of it? Sometimes itís better to put these things to rest, or kill them as we saw in this visceral OHR film. Come at me if you have a problem, bro.

Rating: 7 5-OíClock Shadows out of 10
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