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Sno Reviews Bufunda 
 PostSun Jan 08, 2012 11:48 am
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This is a review of Bufanda: A Tale of Three Ghosts.

There's a lot of depth here for a text adventure. There are only a few places with simple "yes" or "no" options. I was impressed by how much the story can change in spots without altering the ending.

Well, to spoil the story of a text adventure would defeat the purpose. There is a good, original story here, and I enjoyed seeing how my choices effected the outcome. Having to break into the bar if you go home first? Brilliant! Being drunk allows the spirits to communicate perfectly clear? Genius! I also spent a lot of time at the "MadLib" sections trying to see if some magic word would unlock a special response. I was disappointed, but I had forgotten the point of the contest was to not use plotscripts.

There is none, and I think it detracts just a little bit. There are a few spots where a scary bell or an eerie noise might have helped the creepy mood that was being established. Then again, Who really expects sound in a text adventure?

Overall, I liked playing Bufanda. It tells a good story and I actually enjoyed trying to find every nook and cranny of the narrative. I was slightly disappointed that there isn't a happy ending, but it fits well with the rest of the story.
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