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Review: Scary Game 3 
 PostThu Oct 16, 2008 11:09 pm
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This is a review of Scary Game 3 (Demo).

Reposted from a review in HamsterSpeak #8:

I've been looking forward to Moogle's latest installment in the Scary Game series for a long time, and it's good to finally take a look at it. Scary Game 3 is a side-scrolling platformer in which our hero responds to a dire threat: Bring 100 tons of candy to an evil mansion, or the world gets nuked!

The game opens with a nice introduction sequence. We get a dramatic pan around the outside of the mansion, accompanied by falling rain and an occasional crash of thunder. Between this and Bloodlust, I'm really overjoyed that the OHR now has sound effect capabilities.

Controls are simple; Alt jumps, Ctrl attacks. The text file that comes with the game mentions that there will eventually be air dash and new jump techniques later on. The jumping physics are already quite nice, so this should make for a pretty smooth platforming experience. The only problem I have with the controls is that pressing Esc causes the game to quit back to the opening screen rather than pause.

Your goal is to explore the mansion while collecting pieces of candy. Some of the pieces require pretty precise jumping, although several are completely out of reach until the new jumping abilities are added in a future update. When you pick up some candy, an icon flashes at the top of your screen informing you of how many you've found. There's a really nice fade effect on the text that, while a very minor feature, really impressed me.

Unfortunately, one of the first tasks you encounter requires slightly too much precision. You have to jump and hit a switch to open a trap door, and you need to make a pixel perfect jump to do so. It's annoying only because it's the first challenge you encounter, and would be better suited to a later puzzle.

When you encounter your first enemies, the first thing you'll do is realize that you're pretty ill-suited for combat. Your punch has short range, and enemies can swarm you and slaughter you pretty quickly. Thankfully, the game is forgiving about checkpoints, making the difficulty level fun rather than a chore. If you can get your enemies into one-on-one situations you'll do fine, but if you're surrounded things get messy fast.

There are sound effects used when you strike and get striked, which really adds to the experience. Also, when you're low on health, beeping sounds begin to play, warning you of your impending death. While we take things like this for granted in modern games, it's really awesome to see in an amateur platformer, and I applaud Moogle for making the experience feel so genuine.

There's very little to do in the game at the moment, and it is more of a tech demo than anything else. Still, I'm impressed. It's the smoothest OHR platformer I've played.
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