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Master K Review: Tower of Heaven 
 PostMon Sep 05, 2011 11:24 pm
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ToW Ruined.jpg
My wish...was to end this thing. ONCE...AND FOR ALL.
ToW Nerve.jpg
I am really not liking this god.
ToH Hazard.jpg
I'm really not liking the god's choice of decor.
This is a review of Tower of Heaven.

This is my review of godsavant's game, Tower of Heaven.
Fair warning, this game is made with the Game Maker 6.0, and not the OHRRPGCE Engine.

The title screen...simply awes me. animated. It shows a scenic, scrolling, hilly landscape, at night. The music is adventuristic and old school NES sounding. The games name is displayed at the top of the screen in English and Japanese.

The game starts with you, Eid, at the base of the tower. You are talking to a ever so mysterious god. Then, you are plunged into the game. You enter the nearest stairwell. Then, you are introduced to the obstacles. Then, after that, and dodging some sawblades, you discover...the infamous rule tablet. The first rule is that you cannot touch yellow blocks. The second is that you cannot touch blocks from the side. The can't walk left. The cannot touch any living being.

After you scale some levels, you have royally ticked off the god, and you can't use the stairs in the little room your in. You must then go outside a window, and scale upwards from there. Your rule tablet breaks, resetting all the rules, except the yellow block rule. Then, you make it to the top, after scaling four final rooms. The god is partially disappointed with you...he is saddened to see you have lost your faith in humanity, because you had scaled his tower. He then asks you for your wish.

You supposidly wish for the tower to become destroyed, because the screenshot at the top of the screen is the outcome.

All in all, this game is truely awesome. The NES style music really goes well with the graphics, which are simple, yet awesome. The gameplay presents an ever growing challenge, and the ending...suprised me. I never thought that would be the outcome. Sure, the game infuriated me several times, but...I had a goal. I wanted to face that god, and earn my reward. The ending was certainly worth it. This game is definatly worth a play.
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