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Rockstar's review: Doodle Quest 
 PostSat Aug 27, 2011 7:41 pm
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doodle quest fight.jpg
doodle quest title.jpg
This is a review of doodle quest.

This is a review of the game 'doodle quest', which was made by andy593646.

The title screen showed a poorly made stickman on paper, with the games name.The music was annoying and repetitive.

The graphics were not good at all. There was no story or even a point to it. There were only a few places to go and way to many dead doors. Some of the buildings had nothing in them, and you could walk through some of the buildings. Towards the end you randomly get a partner that was not very creative and there was no thought or effort into it. The castle was the best looking thing in the game but it was empty and confusing. The battle graphics was VERY poorly drawn and only one fight, that had no significance.

This game doesn't deserve a review let alone a download until it gets a story and good graphics.
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