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Master K Review: Escape the Wolf: OHR 
 PostMon Aug 22, 2011 2:12 am
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Thats eerie...
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This is a review of Escape the Wolf: OHR.

This is my review of James game, Escape the Wolf: OHR.

The title screen shows a wolf looking at you. The music sounds like James Paige himself making some mysterious music. You have a choice of Easy, Medium, or Hard Mode for the game.

Selecting an option puts you in the game. You play as a man in a red outfit (Hm, sound familiarish?) and you have to find the cabin to escape the wolf. However, that forest is incredibly large, and theres a hungry wolf voiced by James lurking around, wanting to dine on Little Red Riding Men...

All in all, this game is really good. Well, it is James. The gameplay is really fun, and the music is awesome, and eerie. The music even changes when the wolf approaches you. The wolf also howls, growls, and roars too. The random generation of the forest is cool, and I find the game sort of frightning, as the wolf could lunge out at you at any point. But, thats just me. This is definatly a keeper when it comes to games.
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