Master K Review: Mostly Involving Robots

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Master K Review: Mostly Involving Robots

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This is my review of Momoka's game, Mostly Involving Robots.

The title screen simply displays the games name and author. No music plays at all.

The game starts off with you, Misery, in a graveyard. Anger blocks the way. When you talk to him, he calls you over. Misery talks about making poetry about death. Then, Anger tells him about a battle against him, Bomb, Swordhead and Cyke, and talks about all the battlers. Then, you battle them, with Putter and Zamba. Then, after the battle, the game reverts to the title screen.

All in all, this game really isn't worth a download. It might have been for a contest, but it doesn't have any gameplay value. The graphics of the overworld are decent, but the battle background it...nothing. The enemy and hero graphics are decent, though.
The infamous battle!
The infamous battle!
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