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Master K Review: Escape from Darkavern! 
 PostFri Aug 05, 2011 12:08 am
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Darkavern Dilyl.jpg
Oh noes, it's Dilyl!
Darkavern Boss.jpg
Fire Lord Dilyl, the hardest monster.
This is a review of Escape from Darkavern!.

This is my review of Twinconclusive's game, Escape from Darkavern.

The games title screen shows a castle at night, with a full moon. The title of the game is displayed. A mysterious music plays.

The game starts you off in a room with a pile of skulls. The game is gameplay and humor based. You play with the skulls as puppets, and one of the other skulls vomits a key shortly after. You then throw the key at the locked door in the room, and the door explodes. Yes, it actually explodes. Later, you encounter a nose stealing vampire, the hologram of Saul, the flask of lifeath, goblins, srimes, and Fire Lord Dilyl, who can send groin attacking flaming bats at you.

The game is pretty difficult. The battle system is unique, in which attacks are random. Fire Lord Dilyl was incredibly tough, with his dive bombing, laser beams, and his flaming bats. The traps are randomly placed, so be careful. Remember their spots, so you don't get sent back to the beggining. There is a save point, but it is later on. There is only one healing item, and it's only a once use, and it can hurt you.

However, the humor is pretty good. Well, it was made by Twinconclusive. The game ends at the Dilyl fight. It could have a future, but alas, it is pretty old.
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