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Master K Review: Densetsu no Okami (Wolf's Quest) 
 PostWed Aug 03, 2011 5:20 pm
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Densetsu no Okami Overworld.jpg
The overworld.

This is my review for Nathan Karr's game, Densetsu no Okami.

The games title screen shows a pink screen with the games title wrote on it. On the bottom, it says press escape to quit, and enter to continue. I pressed enter.

The game starts with you as Akira the wolf, at the grassy peak at the tower, talking about getting rid of the dark lord Nathan. After a little conversation, you fight a shadow feline. After that, you must make your way to Nathan. I found this part of the game unpleasent, because the grass was shaking, and the other grass was flicking black, making it hard to look at. After you make your way to Nathan, you have a conversation, then fight. The fight was difficult and long...

Then, after that, you are told what happened after. Many, many years after, you play Wolf, Akira's descendant. You have to then go to the king, and then team up with Princess Zera to rescue her sister, who is at the Temple of Hel. After making a short journey, you go to the bottom of the tower, and you face Annubis, who is about to cut out the princesses heart, and sacrifice her to Hel.

In my opinion, its newbieness is justified, since it was a newbie contest entry. But, the shaking and flickering grass is an annoying graphical blunder. The houses are oddly made. The heroes health is a little too low for my liking. However, I did like the fact that Nathan used some backgrounds for the heroes when they spoke, instead of Portrait Boxes.

All in all, it is sort of worth the download. The graphical glitches are annoying, and the battling is...less than fun. I didn't try again after I died at Annubis. The battles are difficult, but if Nathan ever wished to revise it, I could see a good future for this.
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