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Master K Review: First Fantasy Demo 
 PostWed Jul 27, 2011 5:28 pm
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FF Title.jpg
The title on a cave wall.
FF Overworld.jpg
In a forest.
FF Birds.jpg
This is a review of First Fantasy.

This is my review of G-Wreck's game, First Fantasy, the first demo.

The title screen depicts a stick man holding a spear, with First Fantasy carved beneath it.

The intro tells the story of Epta, who I presume is a celestial being. She wandered in the darkness of the universe, with her cruel sister, Loma. Epta tried to make friends to keep her company, but she failed. Her failures created the mountains and valleys. Her tears were what created the rivers that filled the valleys. Loma made fun of her because of her failures. Epta's rage created Duradel, the sun god. He comforted Epta, which is what was the missing piece of her creation. From that power, came forth creatures of all sizes, and man. However, Loma was jealous, and tried to destroy Epta's friends. She partially succedded, and then got chased, and is still being chased by Duradel. Now, Loma may strike again, and Epta is waiting. Epta hid something on earth (Although I cannot remember).

In my eyes, I percieved Epta as the goddess of the earth, Loma as the goddess of the moon, and Duradel as the god of the sun.

Then, we move on to the actual game. The plot focusses around Roggor, a cave man, so to speak. The plot is that Roggor and his friend Gutar face some Terror Birds, a rare kind of species. Eventually, they are led off to find the rest of the tribes men, who were supposedly fighting to defend against an attack from another tribe.

All the men were found dead, being burned. Roggor and Gutar came to the conclusion inhuman creatures were the cause.
The story ends at the point where Roggor has to go warn another village, and Gutar has to warn their own village.

I feel the plot is very suberb. It can be serious sometimes, but it does have its humor in there. The cave painting story of Epta was great, and i'm sorta glad I didn't skip the intro. G-Wreck must have worked hard on it. The sprites are great, as well. Overall, the graphics were excellent. The gameplay was good, as well. The story is actually very interesting, and I was disappointed when I got cut off. I see a good future for this game.
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