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Master K Review: There is nothing Left 
 PostFri Jul 22, 2011 2:10 am
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There Is Nothing Left.jpg
What ARE they?
This is a review of There is nothing left..

This is my review for shakeyair's game, There is nothing Left.

The game starts without a title screen. It just says press any key. No music plays.

The game starts playing a very strange, unnerving music. The screen is black. A textbox shows up that says that this person is trying to make friends, but he only finds regrets, and he raises his fist for self respect, and they think it's hilarious. He says afterwards he can't live like that. You then fight these strange humanoid creatures that insult you. If you die at the beggining, it says that he saved those he hate but his salvation remains the same. If you die later, it says he is sorry to those he could have loved.

In regards of game play, this game is not quite worth the download. Although, I will say the games graphics are suberb, for a short game. The battling is challenging, and it is pretty much infinite. Besides that, it's not much in the section of game play.
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