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Review: Doodle Quest 
 PostWed Jul 06, 2011 4:02 pm
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This is a review of doodle quest.

Too often are newcomer OHRRPGCE games incomplete, buggy as heck, and/or just plain retarded. Many new users are so eager to show some of their work to others that they forget anything about making the game fun or interesting itself. Honestly that doesn't really make any sense, but its true nonetheless. Sometimes though, there are hidden gems amongst the mounds of poo games.

I wish I could say that Andy593646's Doodle Quest passed with flying colors, but it did not. He claims it is a demo, but I wouldn't even call it that given the current content of the game. According to Andy, the game is "incomplete" with "awful graphics, two towns" and "needs a lot of work". Great ad campaign there, buddy! Honestly, if you have that much negativity to say about your own game, why would you even take the time to upload it in the first place?

Despite the unattractive synopsis, I decided to give Doodle Quest a fair shot. Andy wasn't kidding though, the game is pretty incomplete. There are a couple of towns that you can "explore" although there isn't much to them. The first town has an innkeeper in a building that has no walls, which is kinda trippy. The second town at least has some townsfolk, although they all have the exact same lines except for your buddy Scribble, Scribbler; whatever its name is. Combat consists of a single battle that pits stick figure Andy with a possessed plant that is surprisingly still alive after 5-6 minutes of beating it to death.

So far, Doodle Quest doesn't have much going for it. It's quite obvious that Andy has spent very little time on any aspect of the game. I didn't want to give up yet though. So I started searching for something, anything that could be considered a ray of hope for the game. I saw a castle-looking thing in the second town, and rushed inside in hopes of finding something cool. Instead, I found ripped graphics. I suppose they could be Andy's own design, but that would make the rest of his graphics a cruel and sorry joke, not to mention a waste of time.

In its current form, Doodle Quest is complete garbage. Considering there's really just an empty vessel here, it could turn out okay if Andy does some serious (and I mean serious) work on it. "Could" is a broad term though, and its completely up to Andy whether he can recover and work towards making the game actually worth playing or just decide to abandon the project altogether. Regardless, I would suggest reading my article on publishing games (which is also featured in this issue of Hamsterspeak) before you submit any more work that you want taken seriously.
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 PostSat Nov 26, 2011 3:47 am
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I did rip the graphics. I also knew that the game was crap. I'm going to play it again just to see how bad it was. YESZ.
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