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Master K Review: Castle on the Night Land 
 PostMon Jun 13, 2011 3:27 am
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Castle Courtyard.png
As if it couldn't be any more ominous...
This is a review of Castle on the Night Land.

This is my review for Willy Elektrix's game, Castle on the Night Land.
From the first impression, the title screen, the game appears to be a sort of horror game; It shows a monochrome landscape with a castle and the games name, complemented with eerie music.

The game starts with a screen, saying you passed out in a forest when a storm was coming on, and then you awoken in a castle yard. The gameplay is unique to what i've seen. There is no leveling and no actual battles. The entire game is designed in black and white, and each map has the same, depressing, creepy music. But, in regards of battling, you are still able to die from monsters that lurk the castle grounds, granted you don't have the correct item to beat them. You have to solve devious puzzles, some impossible without certain equipment, which is found by examining things. The enviroment is interactive, and provides wonderful descriptions. The ways the monsters kill you is also descriptive. There are 15 extra treasures you can obtain, as well.

You must solve the puzzles in order to find your way out of the castle.

You escape the castle by killing the lich in a void...then you awaken where you were in the forest, and wonder...was it a dream?

All in all, this game is well worth downloading. Its gameplay is challenging, but not impossible. The graphics are excellent for being in purely black and white, and it can be real bonechilling. It also provides ranking for how many treasures you get.
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