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Viridia - Chapter 2 
 PostWed Dec 01, 2010 8:39 am
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Version 2 of Viridia: Chapter 2, an entry to the Heart of the OHR Contest.

Follow the glorious hazardous life of a mercenary missionary in the desert, struggling to cooperate with the brutal heathens that call it home. It's about as straightforward as can be, but you are still a low-ranking medic. The troops are not yours to command, yet they are your only hope of survival. Keep them healthy and they'll carry you through to the end. Can you keep all of your allies alive through a seven-battle gauntlet in the Mica Valley?

December 1st - Fixed some minor bugs, added music in places where it wasn't before.
December 15th - Fixed tons of bugs, added some minor new content, included a sizeable readme with the .rar archive
December 19th - Fixed a critical "neverending text box loop" bug, edited heroes' attacks so that they cannot harm allies enemies. Whoops!
December 19th - Fixed a VERY CRITICAL targeting error that prevented you from attacking enemies, which I accidentally created in the last edit. (incomplete)
December 20th - Completely fixed aforementioned targeting error. Also implemented an AUTOSAVE that triggers twice. You can also save in the Armory or Church whenever.
December 21st - Included two save states with the .rar archive.

During the battle gauntlet, the script is practically guaranteed to go haywire if either of the main characters die. Try to keep them alive.
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