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Slime Knight
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Autumn & Winter, 127 
 PostWed Mar 02, 2011 12:08 am
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2nd Limestone, 127

Autumn has come. No human caravan. Perhaps there aren't any humans in the area.

Things are coming along well. mjohnson092088 held a party today... what a riot that was!

9th Limestone, 127

I set up another floodgate (let's call it Floodgate 2) in the resevoir. Here's how it works:

The main floodgates (let's collectively call them Floodgate 1) are up by the river. Normally, it should be closed. If the resevoir ever dries out, then Floodgate 1 should be opened (using the lever in Ichiro's office). This will cause water to flood the outer resevoir.

Floodgate 2 should normally be closed, too. This will prevent the water filling the outer resevoir from rushing into the inner resevoir. Once the outer resevoir (the entire area between Floodgates 1 and 2) is completely filled with water, shut Floodgate 1. This will block the river from emptying any more water into the resevoir. Once that is done, open Floodgate 2 using the 2nd lever down in the room on ground level (the lever south of the one that manipulates the drawbridge). This will cause the water to drain from the outer resevoir to the inner resevoir. The water drained should be just enough to fill the inner resevoir, without causing it to overflow from the well and flood the entire fortress. Neat, huh?

Oh, and I hope people remember to close Floodgate 2 once all the water has drained from the outer resevoir.

7th Sandstone, 127

I've appointed Spoonweaver as our new sheriff. He'll be getting a fancy new office, and the responsibility of keeping all the dwarves here in check.

20th Sandstone, 127

More migrants! Eight of them. We need to make more beds. And maybe draft a few more dwarves into the militia, too.

13th Timber, 127

The caraven from Rovod Erith has arrived. Finally, we can trade for some good gear and supplies!

21st Moonstone, 127

The bedrooms are coming along nicely. They sure fill up quickly, though.

I'm trying to make sure our fortress is nice and secure this winter. The entrance to the fortress is defended, but I wonder, is defended enough?

15th Opal, 127

Finished! There is now a ballista at the end of the entrance corridor. Should any invaders make it in, a single ballista bolt is certain to blow them out of the way. I hope whoever operates it is careful, though. That corridor is heavily travelled by dwarves.

17th Opal, 127

One of the masons has withdrawn from society and taken over a masonry shop. Crazy bugger.

25th Opal, 127

Ooh. This'll look nice wherever I decide to put it.

12th Obsidian, 127

The residence is completed. 84 rooms, by my count. That should be enough to last us for quite a while.

1st Granite, 128

It's spring now, and my tenure as overseer of this fortress is over. To whatever unlucky son-of-an-elf has to take over after me, there isn't much I can tell you. I don't have any projects going on right now, and assuming you've read all of my journal, you should have a pretty good idea of what's going on. Right now I'm just eager to returning to general labor.

Here's the statistics of the fortress as I end my job:

Try not to screw things up.

~ Valigarmander
Slime Knight
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 PostWed Mar 02, 2011 12:15 am
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Oh yeah. Uh, whoever wants to go next can have at it.
Slime Knight
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 PostFri Mar 04, 2011 4:26 am
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The Pantheon of Diamondnails

Shedim Spinesteels the Wayward Fortunes, god of caverns, mountains, trade and wealth. Takes the form of a male dwarf.

Kadol Gorgeearths, god of minerals. Takes the form of a male dwarf.

Ustuth, god of mercy and forgiveness. Takes the form of a male dwarf.

As, goddess of jewels. Takes the form of a female dwarf.

Cos Trickedbabies the Spongy Straws, goddess of family. Takes the form of a female dwarf.

Moldath, goddess of metals. Takes the form of a female dwarf.

Savot the Courageous Torch, goddess of volcanoes, fire, and the sun. Takes the form of a female dwarf.

Usen Helmheal the Defended Medicine, goddess of fortresses. Takes the form of a female dwarf.

Toral the Bastion of Towers, god of sacrifice. Takes the form of a male dwarf.
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