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Slime Knight
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 PostFri Oct 22, 2010 8:50 pm
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Sorry, not yet.

There is a lot of native gold in this area, something that would make quite valuable things once we have metalsmithers. But for now, more basic needs are required. The miners are already working on a living area and workshop hall; our farm is finally set up and producing plump helmets, and the fortress wall is already taking shape. I have authorized the building of a trade depot in preparation for the autumn traders.

Everyone keeps falling asleep on the floor, much to my chagrin. I have told Phoenix to make some beds, but he tells me his priorities are with felling trees right now. I cannot tell you how much I want to slap some sense into him.

The wagon is still covered in buzzard parts. I cannot wait until I get the storeroom and dining hall built so I can get rid of that blasted thing once and for all.

The trade depot is finished. We can hopefully get some crafts made before the caravans come.

Native aluminum! This place will be a metalworker's dream.

Summer has come and we're still a bit unorganized. The sleeping area's making a lot of progress, though.

We've discovered a deep subterranian cavern. With luck, we can have a well made.

While digging the dining room, Ezum and Oddom keep complaining about damp stone. I sigh and say that the room will have to be a little lopsided.

Ezum and Oddom keep telling me about the stones they've found. With names like "orpiment," I swear they're not right in the head.

Suddenly, migrants: Edem Labortalk, a furnace operator, and Iden Wirenature, a fish cleaner. We now have a total population of 9.

James Paige keeps demanding an office. I give him a chair in the dining room. That'll keep him busy for a while.

Our well is finally built. It's somewhat strange, but I swear our miners are glowing now.
Slime Knight
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 PostFri Oct 22, 2010 10:33 pm
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More immigrants come:

  • Ast Boltedtrotted, gem setter
  • Morul Soaredroughness, fisherdwarf
  • Mosus Skullsposts, peasant
  • Mosus Rockmanor, stoneworker
  • Nil Tradelured, gem setter
  • Obok Bonesgilt, soap maker
  • Oddom Crewrack, stonecrafter

Our population now stands at 16.

The storeroom is completed and everydwarf's just decided to just fill all the "departments" up.

I've decided to make a fishing outpost in the caverns so our fisherdwarves can catch us some fish. Myself, I'm getting sick of these Id-damn plump helmets.

The merchants have finally arrived! I tell everyone to get the craft bins the hell up to the surface trading post.

Morul the fisherdwarf keeps complaining there's no fish in the cavern. I tell him to keep fishing.

How many mechanisms have I made?

I've finally got workshop plans for the Pit of Despair. As soon as we get some blacksmiths...

I've noticed the outpost liason in the rest area just watching Phoenix sleep. Creepy.

We traded a bunch of our crafts for meat, cheese, glass and cloth. James Paige says it was a great deal, only posting a net loss of 400 dorfbux.

As winter sets in, Pheonix tells me what the mountainhomes want:

Come mid-winter, I meet up with Spoonweaver near the warehouse. I told him I was getting bored with being in charge of this place and that he's going to be running things come spring.
Slime Knight
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 PostSat Oct 23, 2010 12:07 am
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Liquid Metal King Slime
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 PostFri Oct 29, 2010 6:35 pm
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Dwarf date: 3rd Granite, 1052

My first order of business as the supreme dwarven commander of this fort, is to give the whole place a graphical upgrade.

Furthermore, my logs indicate that the fortress is in dire need of a sheriff. Spoonweaver seems the perfect woman for the job. I set her up as the sheriff and sign her up as the militia commander while I'm at it. ( No reason she can't be both, right. ) I then see that the fort needs a chief medical dwarf as well. Obok Osodoltar ( Whom I've nicknamed "Bones" ) gets the job. I hope that Bones will learn quickly.

There's are big jobs, and so Spoonweaver will have to be at her best to do them. I go about setting her up with an office, and a room that isn't just a hole in the wall like the other ones. ( Who'd want to sleep there? ) I also start making her a chest, a cabinet, an armor rack, and a weapon rack as she seems to need them now.

Things to to be moving along smoothly now. I think it's about time to start considering defenses. Who knows when a horde of goblins or elves could attack. I intend to be ready.

On a side note, these blood covered kittens disturb me.

Also, why is the dwarf, Spoonweaver, a girl?!
Liquid Metal King Slime
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 PostFri Oct 29, 2010 8:27 pm
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Spoonweaver wrote:
Also, why is the dwarf, Spoonweaver, a girl?!

I suspect somebody forgot to check genders when assigning names... But that can be understandable since to a human observer who has no experience with the aesthetic of dwarf beauty, determining the gender of a dwarf without overstepping social and sexual boundaries can be an infuriatingly difficult task.

Here are a few tips that might help avoid an embarrassing incident:

* Don't guess according to the silkiness of her beard! This is a rookie human mistake! Although beard coarseness is a genetically inherited trait, in dwarves it does NOT correlate to gender.
* Don't make any assumptions based on pink armor. Pink is a popular color among both genders due to the way it resembles fresh-spilt blood in extremely low light conditions where actual red might appear too black.
* Don't just outright ask what her gender is! In all but the most progressive corners of dwarf society this is equivalent to a marriage proposal, and the traditional method of refusing a marriage proposal is an axe battle. (interestingly enough the traditional method of accepting a marriage proposal is a subtly different style of axe battle)
Liquid Metal King Slime
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 PostFri Oct 29, 2010 9:51 pm
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Dwarf date: 19th Felsite, 1052

Several new dwarfs have come to live in our fort.

Among them are 3 dyers. Why any fort would need 3 dyers is beyond my understanding, so have them join the army. This turns out to be a good idea since some of them even have some helpful skills that the militia will find useful.

The new dwarfs coming led to a great party. Most of the dwarfs in the fort were partying, which led me to believe they needed more to do. So, I tunneled a little farther into the underground cavern and begun gathering the vegetation there.

It was at this point that one little dwarf decided to find work for him/her self.

I hope for the best in this situation but honestly expect the worst. I ready my army in case the dwarf I nickname "crazy" does anything weird. However, everything works out great.

All of Spoonweaver's demands were meet as well, and her room looks great.

Since, this was the focus of a lot of the dwarfs in the fort, I had to switch them to something new. Smelting has began to really take off. Hopefully the fort will have a great supply of golden items in the future.

For now, some elvish merchants have arrived, and I'm not sure what I should trade for.
Liquid Metal King Slime
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 PostFri Oct 29, 2010 11:53 pm
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Dwarf Date: 25th Hematite, 1052

The miners have discovered a large underground cavern. Before I can fully explore said cavern I'm distracted by more important matters.
Dwarfs are running everywhere in the fort because a batman has somehow found it's way in. The militia is quick to act though, and no one is killed by the whicked thing.

It seems a whole tribe of batmen and batwomen are living in the cavern I've just discovered. It's only a matter of time before they all find their way up into our fort.
They outnumber my militia about 4 to 1. 1or 2 at a time is fine, but if they all rush in at once then I might be facing the deaths of several dwarfs. So, I decide to hatch up the cavern asap. However, when the dwarf goes to place the hatch, the worst thing that could happen happens. The whole tribe rushes in. I send in the militia in and hope for the best.
Amazingly, the batmen are all slain without a single dwarf death. To be safe I hatch up the cavern after the fight. It's at this point that the elvish merchants leave before I could get a chance to trade. Darnit...
Slime Knight
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 PostSat Oct 30, 2010 11:26 pm
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Well, we all know that Batmen are really just squishy nobles in disguise; the only way they could of done any real damage is if they'd made a ridiculous mandates.
Liquid Metal King Slime
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 PostSun Oct 31, 2010 12:40 am
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Dwarf date: 28th Limestone, 1052

Tragic and horrifying news!
After the batmen, I had the lower cavern sealed off. Thinking this would steam off the flow of dangerous foes, I go about minting coins. These coins become useful in the very near future when human merchants show up.

However, while I'm distracted by the merchants, troglodytes sneak into the fort through the original upper cavern. They slay a dwarf, before my militia can deal with them.
This is the first dwarf to die in my care, or in the history of the fort for that matter. I deal with the death by trading the humans fr every weapon or armor piece they have. I then build a graveyard, as the newer dwarfs completely lack a proper resting place. I also get to work on some coffins.
While this is going on, a new threat enters the fort. It's a Cave Crocodile. This thing tears through our dwarfs. I don't even notice it's presences before 2 dwarfs had died. I send in the militia and even it starts losing dwarfs. it takes down 10 dwarfs before being slain. including both "bones", and "crazy".

I seal off the upper cavern like I did the lower one. I just didn't have the resources to deal with the stream of threats that seem to flow out of it. Perhaps it can be explored later on.

Something called Draltha lurks in this cavern! I'm worried that it might find it's way to the fort so I put a few traps down and an extra door.

On another note, Spoonweaver lost her lover in the crocodile attack. And the two original miners died. They now rest in the grand cemetery.
Liquid Metal King Slime
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 PostSun Oct 31, 2010 7:33 am
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Dworf Date: 9th Obsidian 1052

Phoenix has been made a baroness! The nearby dwarf civilization accepted us in as one of their own and allowed us to pick someone to become a true noble. (I would have picked myself, but it might have gotten in the way of being the militia commander. lol) Phoenix seemed like a good choice and so I picked her.

Things weren't all sunny days, I'm afraid.

Not only was this terrible news, but right after getting this message I also get the message that one of our dwarfs has gone insane. I follow him around a bit, and see him take off all his clothes and run around the graveyard a bit. Then he goes home, and I make his door unpassable. (That'll teach him.)
Then I get the message that ol' Issok has broken down one of my perimeter doors.

I rush over and start building as many barriers as I can. The billion bar wall seems to hold him, and he wanders off. Hopefully, we won't be seeing him anytime soon.

In other news, the dwarfs began construction on the noble's rooms. Since Phoenix is a noble now, she's got all sorts of demands. And they'll all be meet in time.

It seems my time as supreme dwarf overlord is coming to an end. I prepare to say good bye to all the little dwarfs I've grown to love over this past year. Hopefully, whoever is next will keep them safer then I did.
Liquid Metal King Slime
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 PostSun Oct 31, 2010 2:06 pm
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Oh, and if I'm suppose to pick a successor, I'll pick James.
Liquid Metal King Slime
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 PostSun Oct 31, 2010 5:16 pm
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It might actually be a while before I have time to play my turn. If somebody else wants to go first that is okay by me.
Liquid Metal King Slime
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 PostSun Oct 31, 2010 5:42 pm
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That would be you, Pheonix.

Good luck.

Edit: It think this thing is still open to join if anyone is wondering. You could even give it a go right now if you want. Just post you'd like to play and that you'd like to take your turn now. Or just post that you'd like to join, you don't have to take your turn now. Also, first post first serve.
I know this is technically Ichiro's gig but I'm sure he'd agree, the more the merrier.
Slime Knight
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 PostMon Nov 01, 2010 11:06 pm
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I'm fine with it.
Metal Slime
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 PostSat Nov 06, 2010 9:44 pm
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--Early Summer, 1053--
Our beloved fortress has taken another hit. A goblin ambush went and decimated our population and more importantly our infantry.

I guess I should start off at the beginning of the year, when I first assumed control.
I took control and was almost heartbroken from the start:

What was this mess of a dining hall. I ordered its smoothing and moved on to look at the rest of the fortress I had assumed control over.

Furthermore, I ordered the construction of a new entrance; not only could merchants come in through it, it included a retractable bridge to thwart invaders.

Along the way we got a new child, some migrants, and a dwarf became moody.
I put doors on the unoccupied bedrooms, ordered the production of different metal bars and - in what now seems to be a tragic portent of what was to come - set to work on a mirror of the tombs currently in place. I also set to work on a tomb of my own, but before doing so disaster struck.

Why do traders inevitably have goblin ambushes follow them? They're always bad news? And furthermore why were the defenses of this fort so inadequate? Not a single drawbridge between it. Shame that, in an example of tragic irony, my attempt to strengthen the defenses of the fortress only led to a significant chunk of its population dying.

If I am correct, this is easily the largest hit the fortress has taken so far. I still do not know the effects this will have on the population of this demoted-to-village fortress, but it will certainly take a long time for normal business to resume. We have enough doors and tables and chairs; what we need now are people focusing on this building.

I have just been informed that another Forgotten Beast has taken residence in the caves. I will make my leave here.

- Pheonix, baronness of Slimeromances
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