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Barnabus Review 13 - H-Metroid 
 PostWed May 12, 2010 1:54 pm
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You can't tell in this picture, but the background is seizure-tastic.
This is a review of H-Metroid.

This is game 13 of 30 games by Barnabus.

An "H" was added to the Metroid title screen to make the title screen for this game. I'm not sure where the music is from, but I do know that the explosion at the begin of it is pretty freaking' annoying.

The game starts and the hero is some sort of bubble, in a hallway that's sort of like the hallways from metroid. Sort of. I like how he simulated the metroid doors here. After 2 of these doors, the game opens up in a big room with platforms and some kind of mysterious arrows. It's around this time that I notice I can't walk up, and when I try the bubble hero does something resembling jumping. This is when I noticed that the game was a sidescroller. Touching the arrows launches the hero bubble into the air, allowing you to reach the next higher platform.

Unlike most of Barnabus' games, this one is beatable. I won't "spoil the end" but I feel like the goal isn't hinted at enough in the game.

The goal is the upper left most tile.

This isn't the worst attempt I've seen at a sidescroller on the OHR. I commend Barnabus for trying.
2 out of 5
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