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Barnabus Review 1 - Bermuda Triangle 
 PostThu May 06, 2010 10:50 pm
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You're on a boat!
Nice tiles!
This is a review of Bermuda Triangle.

This is game 1 of 30 games by Barnabus.

The game starts off with a title screen containing a dragonball Z character named Mr. Popo, and a MSpaint title. There's no title music.

Playing the game, I first noticed that the map tiles were fairly well done. But the walkabout sprites were terrible. Mr. Popo's Sprite has only a walking down part that serves for all directions and the only other walkabout sprite in the game is a boat that is done very poorly.

When you board said boat, the popular song "I'm on a Boat" from SNL plays. I like this song so I was a little happy to hear it. However, the song is cut off by a random battle, one of many in the waters of this game. The battles are against either sharks of various colors or other poorly drawn boats. There only seems to be 1 attack, which is a cannonball attack.

The towns are all kinda of similar. There's no Npcs walking around and instead of entering the houses you're treated to a textbox or shop. Here's where the game SEEMS to contain it's meat and potatos. There's different items in each city. So perhaps if you collect them all you will unlock something cool.
Nothing happens.

The description of the game is kind of bizarre and I'm still not exactly sure what Barnabus meant by it.
There's three sides to every story. Find yours in... the Bermuda Triangle.

I assume it was just suppose to be silly.

All and all the game seems less than half done, and I wouldn't recommend this to anyone.
1 out of 5
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 PostSun May 09, 2010 12:09 am
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You actually learn a few more attacks when you level up. There's an armor piercing attack and an item stealing attack, which may or may not work better against certain enemies.

I thought something would happen if I got 99 girls. I was pretty disappointed when nothing did happen, but then I remembered I had 99 girls. So it was all good.
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