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 PostTue Apr 06, 2010 2:21 am
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Somewhat ported from my HamsterSpeak review:

Now, while I didnít exactly slobber over Vocabulary Mosaic, I did really enjoy it, and in the process of enjoying it I thought that I should probably review it for kicks, because, well, we all love to read reviews, right?

So, letís start with the basics.

According to James, Vocabulary Mosaic borrows its design from the hot new game Words-with-Friends, which operates a lot like a certain board game popular among wordsmiths, where the player forms a word on a grid space and gets points for his effort.

It works like this: You decide how many people will play. Either youíll ďpracticeĒ by yourself, or play with 2, 3, or 4 players, each taking turns. Then youíll select the ďwinning score,Ē meaning you choose the score that ends the game, and then youíll fight your way with words to the end. When itís your turn, youíll try to make as many words as you can using the letters in your tray, moving everything around with mouse clicks. Then youíll click the ďDoneĒ button in the upper left corner of the screen when youíve made all the words you can. From there, the game will calculate your score based on what you used. The score will then be added to your overall score, and youíll marvel at how slick the bar graph looks as it rises. Itís all in good fun.

The first person to exceed the target score wins. The winner must then flaunt his victory by strutting around the room and calling everyone else a simpleton. Itís the way games were meant to be played.

The most intriguing thing about the game is perhaps the immense vocabulary that James managed to import into the RPG file. Itís yet another example of the OHRís flexibility, and a reason why I believe more people searching for a game making engine should give it a try. I donít really understand how he did this, even after having read the description about the Python word gatherer thingamabob he wrote about in his design philosophy article. But the fact that he could do it makes me more impressed with this engine than ever before.

Do I think Vocabulary Mosaic is worth the play? Of course I do. Letís be honest. How many of us really want to spend $200 on Rock Band just to have something to do when friends come over? This is a cheap, fun alternative that should not be missed. The only thing Iíd want to see different is the background. Since this is an OHR game, it should have Jamesís graphical stamp on it somewhere. Perhaps some stills of Bob the Hamster, that demigoddess from the Bell of Chaos, or anyone from his gaming repertoire in the background wouldíve been a nice addition, especially if the backgrounds changed with each game. But even without them, this thing is pretty cool.

Definitely play this. Excellent for a game produced in such short time for a project that has nothing to do with a contest.
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