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Condensed Review: The Wizard, the Thief, and the Lich 
 PostThu Jun 11, 2009 4:53 pm
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This is the scene right before the climatic end boss fight. heh

About - letters
This game is about, well what the title suggest it's about. However, what it doesn't suggets, is that this game is a tribute to the old adventure games for the computer. Back before graphics were commonplace they used to use font characters instead. You play a Wizard, or " h " and you go around town and find Thief or " h "(also) and then quest to kill Lich or " L ".

Gameplay/Fun - some
I did have a little bit of fun playing this. I'm a person who has in fact played those old games that this game tries to recreate and so I had some fun reliving old memories. The lack of content was saddening however.

Graphic Design - Vintage
As mentioned, this game is a tribute to the old adventure games for the computer. Thus, the graphics in this game are all drawings of font characters. Different colors are also used. ( Ooooooo....) Some of the map tiles stray from this theme though. For shame.

Audio Department - Default
Now, there's nothing wrong with the music that comes with the OHR. However, using them ( and only them ) tends to lead players to believe that you just don't care that much.

Scripting - none
There was no hint of any special scripting in this game. It would have been neat if there was.

Originality - none
This game is a tribute. So, at least the creator wasn't trying to be original I guess. Some neat ideas for spell names, items, or monsters could have helped this game out a lot.
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