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Condensed Review: Don't Eat Soap! 
 PostThu Jun 11, 2009 4:32 pm
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Hurray for Steve!

About - A hampster who eats soap
I'd like to mention that there is some what of a secret to this game. And that every review you might read about the game will likely ruin the surprise. Stop reading reviews before you play games you sheep. Anyways, it seems Bob the hampster has eaten soap despite whatever efforts you may try to get him not to. In eating soap he gets bubble powers and goes on what could be described as a rampage, attacking anything he can find, like people, cats, shapes, and dinosaurs.

Gameplay/Fun - Great
This game is fun for sure. I played it a couple times and may continue playing. Though, the number of game breaking bugs keep this one from being as awesome as it could be. I'd list the bugs, but explaining them is kind of hard.

Graphic Design - Pleasant
The graphics in this game aren't the best thing one will ever see but they do more then just do their job, they are in fact fun to look at. I enjoyed this games version of my Steve character.

Audio Department - good
Nigel "Jabbercat" McBride, did a pretty good job on this one. I found the music pleasant and pertaining to the gameplay.

Scripting - AWESOME!
I'm truly amazed by James' work here. Despite the game breaking bugs, this game truly has some great scripts powering it. Truly one of the best scripted games for the OHR.

Originality - minimal
Not really something you'd call an original work of genius. This is basically a copy of the game bubble bobble. Though, the beginning scene is pretty funny.
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