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Post by Momoka »

I have to admit, I went into the game confused. The game is called "DON'T EAT SOAP", yet the filename is Should I, or should I not, eat soap? Very confusing! And while the game said that bad things happen if I eat the soap, instead I got superpowers, and a really fun game.

How do I describe the gameplay? I guess Bubble Bobbly. But this game isn't a rip-off of that classic game, oh no. It has new levels, new enemies, and just the same gimmick.

Hold on a sec, I want to play it again.

God, I hate that cat.

Anyway, like I was saying - hold on.

Why the there jumping monk dudes?!

Okay, the game glitched out, and Bob turned into a lightning bubble that could neither kill nor be killed. I guess that's why you don't eat soap. Normally, "it crashed" is a negative thing, but here it kept me from playing the game all night, so we'll call it a draw.

(Can you find me?)

So yes. This game is fun and pretty addictive. It's also pretty hard. I died five times while making this review. If I had to say bad things about it - and I do - the bubble collision is rather finicky. Sometimes you'll have to learn to agree to disagree with this game.

But honestly, what can I say about this game that hasn't been said?

Nothing. I'm gonna go play it again. Hell, if eating soap is this much fun, I think I'll try huffing paint.
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Post by Bob the Hamster »

If I ever make a game called "DON'T HUFF PAINT!" it will play like Kirby's Dreamland for the Game Boy >:)
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Post by Nathan Karr »

And speaking of strange glitches, I got one.

I was playing and managed to lose my last life at the exact same time that I killed the last enemy onscreen. When I decided to continue, I turned into Misa (admittedly, I may have bumped the "continue as Misa" button on accident) and she just walked back and forth across the platform; the game didn't advance, and I didn't have control. I had to quit. For my second time, I decided to play as Misa on purpose.

I really like how you gave them different sound effects from eachother.
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