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Moron Mission - Review & Video First Impression 
 PostTue May 05, 2009 5:07 pm
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This is a review of Moron Mission.

This would normally be the shortest review in the world, but when I was about to post this video, I wondered, was that text box I ended on REALLY the best text box in the whole game? Consumed with morbid curiosity I opened up Moron Mission in CUSTOM, and looked in the text box editor.

The screenshots attached here show a few text boxes that I thought were even better -- and by better, I mean worse, but kinda funny, I will admit that a lot of the dialogue was goodbad enough to provoke chucklesighs.

I think the best way to enjoy this game is in the text box editor-- or even maybe reading a text box export file.

Also, I never bothered to check what NPC graphic was associated with the villain, but I do believe that "Fanolucifer the Omnisexual" is definitely in the running if there was ever a contest for best OHRRPGCE villain name ever. I was even tempted to nominate him for the OHR villains contest upcoming in HamsterSpeak, but then I realized that would require me to play the game again in order to get screenshots of him, so I emphatically decided against it.
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