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Review: A Shot In The Dark 
 PostFri May 01, 2009 11:32 pm
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(But he's secretely a normal civilian, trust me)
Still better than suffering the pain of despair ;_;
This is a review of A Shot In The Dark.

Left shift or Right shift?
One will shatter the life of an innocent (holding you responsible) while the other could do the exact same.
How will you choose? How could you choose?

In his entry to the 2009 TGC, Uncommon shows us ten scenarios in which the player must act as God that completely dominates the minds of normal civilians.

The game plays the song 'Think it Over', attempting to mock your ability to judge properly in a most furious manner. (Haha, that explosion? Maybe you should've Thunk it over!)

Uncommon's descriptive writing contributes greatly to the simple presentation of the game, providing some genuinely sad consequences that may leave a heavy feeling of sympathy deep in your heart.

The game consists completely of great backdrops, but some are left in their scanned-forms (which still look alright).

It was overall a very pleasing performance that I'd recommend to most anyone.

My Rating: Great!
♪♪♪ Du du duuuu ♪♪♪
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