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Review: The Pope's War on Science 
 PostFri May 01, 2009 8:09 pm
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Not sure if this gets its own topic, or if I post in Fenrir's one.

Plot: So, I downloaded the Pope's War on Science. I was greeting with an image of the Pope, talking to God in a sandwich. God (the same God? Another God? False God?) calls him on the phone, and tells him that the forces of science are invading. It's up to the Pope to fight through the forces of evil, and find who's behind it.

Review: I found the accuracy of this game suspect. The Vatican was portrayed as a stone castle, instead of an opulent mansion. There seemed to be multiple Gods (or animated objects with massive egos). I was also confused by the appearance of a villain from Martin Luthor's rogues gallery. Was this a crossover?

If any enemy could attack, I didn't see it, which seemed a waste. The game was fairly short, but also managed not to outlive its welcome. It lasted for five minutes, and so did my interest. There's simply not that much to say.
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