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Metal Slime
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Review: [<3] 
 PostThu Apr 30, 2009 8:05 am
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title screen.PNG
A titlescreen too.
How do you pronounce its name?
Love. This game is love.
I am an atom.
About which orbit my friends.
Electrons of love.
This is a review of [<3].

Review in haiku.
How do you pronounce its name?
Love. This game is love.

It's Katamari
It is what I told myself
When I played this game.

Move around sans aim.
Into foes must you then crash.
Then, foes become friends.

I am as the sun.
Surrounded by all my friends.
See them whirl about?

I am an atom.
Around me orbit my friends.
Electrons of love.

Glad that these are friends
And not bladed implements.
Whirling ball of death.

The colors are bright.
What? Now I am monochrome?
What is going on?

Game time is finite.
As are the friends you collect.
Is love finite too?

An absurd concept
to be sure, but what else then?
Do we look deeper?

DARE we look deeper?
Deeper into mystery?
What is the meaning?

Cockroach on my desk.
How I loathe the wretched thing.
Vile, diseased insect.

Startle me, it did.
How I long to flick it off,
And be done with it.

Alas, even so
it crawls across the game screen.
Will it be sucked in?

Go! Whirling love ball!
Ha! Ha! Frighten it away!
Love always triumphs!

Gone forever roach.
Beaten by a ball of love.
And also my shoe.

A story then here.
So love expresses itself
In several ways.
To friends long gone, and those I've yet to meet - thank you.
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