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Review: The Pope's War on Science 
 PostThu Apr 30, 2009 6:52 am
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The time has come for a bible fight!

Every once in a while there comes along a game which goes out of its was to teach important lessons like love, friendship, the importance of good hygiene, and so on. This game is not one of them. But it does show what kinds of games the OHRRPGCE is extremely well made towards being able to create - something hilarious and fun to play for the short time it lasts.

The game starts with our main character the pope enjoying a sandwich. Aside from jokes about its deliciousness, (which you MUST eat), we learn this pope isn't particularly very bright. He receives a phone call from THE LORD, who then orders him to go out and fight off the hordes of unbelievers. Faced with this task, I grabbed myself a sandwich and some root beer, then set off into what I presumed would be a fabulous adventure.

I could tell from the graphics that this wasn't a game meant to be taken seriously, though the game's author did put some care and time into it. It's like he wanted to say "hey, this is all in good humor. I see you're having fun beating that fossil evidence with your bible too." He's even provided the game's title song for our listening pleasure.

Now, this is one of those games that I looked forwards to fighting every encounter. True to form, they're joke encounters ranging from fights with aborted fetuses to depictions of a heliocentric universe. Galileo is laughing his head off, somewhere.

It ends well, and long before my own sandwich was devoured, the quest was over. Was I cheated? Swindled? No!

Is it worth the 5 minutes or so of playtime? Yes, yes it is. Will we see the Kansas School Board of Education add this to their curriculum? They could do worse.
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