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REVIEW: James's Slovenian Text Adventure! 
 PostSun Apr 19, 2009 5:18 am
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Being able to customize stuff can be pretty fun.
My microwave has that same problem.
mmmmm.... PEZ

Unlike most text based adventures, this game doesn't take place in ye old medieval times. It takes place in the present. You are an everyday Slovenian guy who lives in a trailer. And like most Slovenians you have no goals. Heh, thats pretty mean to say, but it's a good example of what you might find in the game. It's filled with comments about just how poor you are. Now, it doesn't exactly say that it's BECAUSE you're Slovenian that you're the way you are in the game, but it doesn't give any other explanation either.

Anyways, like any other text based adventure, you text around looking for items to (get) and places to (go). Your adventure takes you to very comical places which is where a lot of the enjoy you might experience while playing this game would come from.

Also, there's of course, no music or graphics to speak of.

I think the game has 2 major problems, 1 there is no goal...., and 2 the words you need to type aren't always that noticable and they have to be the exact word the games looking for.

Overall I had fun playing so I guess that makes it a good game.
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