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Motrya Give Away Contest

Post by JSH357 »

Sup guys, looks like I won the Heart of the OHR Contest! I'm very pleased and gracious toward everyone who enjoyed the game, and I want to continue making it a fun and meaningful experience.

I am holding a mini contest, which you enter by replying to this thread.

Since I don't really use Slimebucks, I have decided to have a grand GIVE AWAY CONTEST. My prize ended up being S$3000, and it looks to me like the best Arena Prize is S$1400.

A free copy of Motrya 100%, whenever it gets finished

However, the runners-up will also get rewarded S$200 each, and there will be eight of them.

1. Respond with an idea for a Lyte Snap ability to be added to the game. I actually have many ideas for these already, but I am totally open to new ideas because there will be far more Lyte Snap action to come in the next chapter. Keep in mind that if the abilities are TOO POWERFUL, they might be nonviable, and if they are TOO HARD TO CODE, that's a problem as well. Remember that some abilities are always active and some are once per game.

2. Tell me what engine feature request you would like me to choose. I have some ideas already here, but I want to see what the demand is for others. This won't affect your score.

Please don't vote privately, as I'd hate to see two people submit the same ideas.
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Post by Mogri »

I've mentioned some of these on IRC:

- rotate all cards 90 degrees
- shield one or more cards
- cripple a single card's stats

this space reserved.
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Post by NeoSpade »

How about a Lyte Snap ability that reverses the elemental strengths, so instead of going: Earth -> Thunder -> Water -> Fire -> Ice -> Earth
it goes: Earth -> Ice -> Fire -> Water -> Thunder -> Earth.
Or how about the same idea but only for 2 elements so it adds up as 5 different abilities?
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Post by Hachi »

Shift - Choose one of your cards (any white card) on the playing field. You can move it over one space: up, down, left, right only, no diagonals. The card then acts as if you just placed it from your hand, which means that it can then flip other cards with its values. This counts as a whole turn - no card placement afterwards. Possibly one time use only, but the difference between shifting a card and placing a card is pretty significant- you'd only want to do it when it would provide you a card flip or two, otherwise you're just losing ground. Unless, I guess, you'd use it closer to the end as a defensive measure...

Reversal of Fortune - Swap each card's horizontal attributes with each other, and swap each card's vertical attributes with each other. Example: Dayang's normal card attributes are, in NSEW format- 7, 2, 9, 3. This would make them 2, 7, 3, 9. Probably an ability only usable once per game, and I think maybe it only affects the cards on the field, and you can't capture cards with the ability - it just shifts all the stats, and then you place something beneficial.

Entropy - Each turn, the values of all cards on the field are reduced by 1.

'kay that's the important part.

I'll get to this part 2 thing later
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Post by Newbie Newtype »

JSH, have you implemented any of these card game features yet?
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Post by Master K »

Rethink: You can chose to remove two cards from the field. They can be of either player. This can only be done once.

Guard: Reserve one space on the board for a card. No matter what, the opponent cannot lay a card on this desired space. Chosen at the beginning of the game.

Sudden Death: If you lose a card game, you have a chance to activate sudden death. An opponent draws a random card from their deck, and you draw your own. The way it works is that the winner is determined by the sides that touch.

The cards are like this:


X= Opponent
O= You

The winner is the person whos card side adds up to the most. The numbers of the two right X's, and the numbers on the two left O's are the ones added up.

2nd: Forthcoming.
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Post by RMSephy »

Seeing this thread get bumped totally raised my hopes that Motrya was still being worked on. Worst April Fools joke ever >:(
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Post by Spoonweaver »

RMSephy wrote:Seeing this thread get bumped totally raised my hopes that Motrya was still being worked on. Worst April Fools joke ever >:(
>:( agreed >:(

Poor taste, plain and simple.
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Post by Master K »

...Wait, this isn't current...?!

*Looks at date*

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Post by TMC »

Hahah. I didn't realise it was an April Fools, what with being posted on the 2nd of April.

I've been looking into it, but I couldn't figure out what feature/bugfix JSH ended up requesting as his contest prize, if any. Same story for Harlock and Shiz in 2012.
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