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Review:Transylvania Girls 
 PostMon Jan 30, 2012 2:52 am
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This is a review of Transylvania Girls.

SDHawk & The Giz's "Transylvania Girls"

Right away, this game's scripting blew me away. The opening menu was set up in such a smooth manner that I could only guess the amount of time that was spent on it. The game continued to amazing me as I found that the whole game was controlled by nothing but the mouse.
The mechanics of the game seemed pretty straight forward. you have 100 days ( or less ) to find 4 pieces of dracula and a virgin in order to summon dracula back from the dead. The story behind each of the women in the game was written well enough to make me want to keep reading and the challenge level was high enough to keep me interested.
The graphics were a bit lacking though. Playing through the whole game in order to see the low grade nude shots that were presented was a bit upsetting. If this game had better graphics I think it could easily become one of the best dating sims ever.
The castlevania music score was entertaining but I could have done without it.
Overall, I had fun playing this game and it actually amazed me that someone made something like this on the OHR.

New thought?: I was really impressed by the scripting of the game. The nudity, that you play the whole game to see, was terrible though, and with this sort of game, that counts for a lot.

Score: 4/5
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