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2011 In Review 20: Metal Gear Duck 
 PostTue Jan 24, 2012 6:56 am
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This is a review of Metal Gear Duck.

"Metal Gear Duck", the first of JSH357's many contributions to the Film Festival Contest earned him his second disqualification of the year. The film gleefully uses ripped graphics to prove some kind of a point about the modern video game industry, while also having some fun at Metal Gear Solid 4's expense. Unfortunately, this leads to a few scenes that are just as annoying as the ones that inspired them. That's probably the point, but it's more frustrating than fun.

Like most of the Film Festival Films "Metal Gear Duck" utilizes voice acting, with MultiColoredWiz and JSH357 providing a variety of vocals that range in quality from great to indecipherable. "Always", Erasure's Top 20 hit from 1994 serves as the title music, a reference to a then-popular Flash game called "Robot Unicorn Attack". The graphics blend screenshots of Metal Gear with the MS Paint style depictions of Duck seen in previous installments of the series about as seamlessly as such a union can allow.

Is it worth a download? ...maybe? There are some highlights, Wiz flirting with himself as both Duck and Danae, JSH gives a great turn as Otacon and it feels more like a movie than most of the other entries thanks to a stellar mix of music and vocals. The ripped graphics also add a lot of atmosphere that JSH could never draw in a million years. On the downside, "Metal Gear Duck" is bookended with jokes that go on way too long. There's no textboxes or subtitles, and occasionally Wiz's oriental woman could really use them. It's a pretty average piece of work for JSH357, though his average is most people's good.

I would also like to repeat something for the historical record. When the credits say "Stripper: TheGiz" it is referring to the great exotic dancer I hired, and not my own personal clothes-removing prowess.

Score: 5/10
2011 Score (Per May 22nd): 65/100

Part of Gomey's 2011 Year In Review
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