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2011 In Review 19: Deforestation 
 PostTue Jan 17, 2012 11:24 pm
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Nothing could've lived up to the hype promised by Spoonweaver's ad campaign for "Deforestation". Perhaps it was appropriate that the first entry in the "Deforestation" series was such a well engineered disappointment that you couldn't help but laugh a little, at least in confusion.

Opening credits add a touch of class to the proceedings and soon the action's afoot. A lumberjack is performing his duty when a lady approaches. They have a brief discussion and then it's over. The tree cutting and surprise ending are nicely animated, but not worth the download time.

The plot is adapted from an old joke, possibly by Jack Handey of "Deep Thoughts" fame, though mangled somewhat in translation. "Deforestation" as released in "Deforestation: The Complete Trilogy" has voice acting for all the dialogue, though I'm not sure the original release did. It might've been edited to fit in more closely with the sequels.

I can't say I'd really recommend "Deforestation" today. Without the context of the pre-release hype machine it's just a poorly told joke with an off-beat ending. You might check it out just to hear Spoonweaver talking like a girl. It's actually better voice acting than the dude's!

Score: 2/10
2011 Score (Per May 22nd): 65/100

Part of Gomey's 2011 Year In Review
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(Note: 2011 In Review is still underway, just leaking this bit early to highlight a bug in the latest nightly. Let's see one of JSH's reviews do THAT)
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