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2011 In Review 16: Kim und Jose 
 PostThu Jan 12, 2012 10:33 pm
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This is a review of Kim und Jose-Demo.

"Kim und Jose" marks marionline's OHR debut and our first international release of 2011. The entire game is in German, which you might've deduced from the title. I'm not exactly qualified to judge this game as the only German I know is the kind bad guys in Indiana Jones use, but I'll try to muddle through anyway.

Tutorial mode started out surprisingly spooky. You start out surrounded by weird eyed dudes who one by one glide, not walk, to their positions. After explaining the controls, they invite you to play soccer. Unfortunately for you, the ball is guarded by a fox who wants to fight. He scares off easily enough, and you return to the group to play ball. During the soccer game there's a struggle and our heroes Kim and Jose are seperated from their group and teleported to a mysterious snowy land. They save a seal creature from a polar bear creature, and Kim threatens to eat him. Jose chides him for such foolishness. A-ha! It's a comedy!

I can't figure out where to go after this, but it's a good start. The graphics aren't perfect, but do manage a consistent style. Likewise, what I can decipher of the story is pretty standard OHR fare. It's interesting to see how RPGs are the same the world over. marionline wouldn't release another game in 2011, choosing instead to join the Random Collab Contest, compose a few songs and release a tech demo of day/night and weather effects. All in all, not a bad first year.

Score: 6/10

2011 Score (Per May 8th): 70/100

Part of Gomey's 2011 Year In Review
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