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First Fantasy 
 PostThu Jan 12, 2012 5:33 pm
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This is a review of First Fantasy.

First Fantasy is a mostly traditional RPG release game by G-Wreck. Starting out this game I saw a well designed title screen which then proceeds to a optionally skippable intro. The intro is one of those pitfalls I find to be plot-breaking. It tells a creation story of the world. The problem with these types of intros is they are mostly completely irrelevant for hours or forever and are often just boring. Putting it even more bluntly; be entertaining and relevant with intros or just don't bother.

Getting into the actual world and story in which game game takes place, you are thrust into the role of a unnamed man who upon defeating some birds in a rather impressive scripted sequence another troublesome plot element occurs; the Final Fantasy 6 (FF6) style introduction of this man. As long as OHRRPGCE has been around people have always attempted these. Sure it was cool in FF6, but it should never be re-attempted without major differences and a good reason. FF6 had the good reason of rapidly introducing over a dozen characters.

The overall story isn't bad, the dialogue is good, decently funny and gives you insight into the world and events. Past the bad introductions the game was doing alright. There is a bit of a problem as once you go into town; it's a good part of the game but it lacks direction and I found it often confusing on how to proceed due to some awkward choices in tile passability. I do complement this game on very clear graphics though. The graphics are a bit plain but good. However the tree and roof tiles lack the pronounced outline and solid appearance of the rest of the tiles.

When it comes to the world setting, there is a problem with the presentation I felt. It came with a expected almost "Flintstones" take on a primitive culture. This isn't always bad but considering the overall seriousness of the game it was a problem. The clearest way I can explain how to make an improvement is to point to the game "Zeno Clash" as a good example of how primitive worlds can take a very creative approach. The things I liked about First Fantasy reminded me more of that game rather than Final Fantasy 6.

The battles are too slow with not enough options other than brute force. The music is sometimes good, sometimes not (Such as the battle theme). It's overall a fairly short demo which isn't too focused on those things so much as it is on a story with a hand-full of scripted events and a first town full of NPCs. I think if the mistakes mentioned in the story are fixed this game will have something going for it. It ends on a rather compelling cliff-hanger so I'd like to see it continued. For the meantime, this demo has too many flaws that are hard to see through.
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