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 PostMon Jan 09, 2012 11:03 pm
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This is a review of Ruin (2011 Demo).

I want to love this game. Itís clear thereís a ton of love and dedication being put in to it, and it has a lot of little things that add up to make it special. Great work with the menus, original music, lots of flavor text and little puzzles, lots of variety in enemies, a BLUE MAGE, and more. If you havenít checked Ruin out yet, you really need to. Even though the graphics arenít perfect, the music has some annoying loops at times, and the game needs someone to clean up the text boxes better, you still get the sense that this was somebodyís dream game coming to fruition. I have the utmost respect for the creator for continuing to polish it after all this time. I want to get this out of the way because I donít want my major criticism of the game to sound so harshóI hate the flaw, not Ruin.

My problem with Ruin, and too many OHR games to count, is that the bulk of challenge in the game comes from attacks missing. I can lose to a boss fight because, despite preparing for it and using all the right moves, my characters decide theyíre never going to land a blow. You donít see this happen in professional games too often these days, and thereís a good reason for it. Itís frustrating and professional playtesters are bound to complain about it. Iím not knocking Ruinís playtestersóthere are so many improvements from the last time I played this that Iím extremely impressed. However, I do find it odd that either nobody noticed this or the creator did not do enough to abet it. Itís doubly frustrating because the battles seem so meticulously crafted. For instance, we have the first boss with the jellies that evolve over time. Itís a great battle concept, and I would think itíd be ultra hectic even without the evasion problem. I donít NEED my attacks missing constantly to feel the pressure here, but the pressure is coming from all the wrong places. I could make the same complaint about various random encounters leading up to this boss. This is artificial difficulty at its worst and both my experience and the gameís quality in and of itself would be vastly improved if it were easier to hit enemies. You can still have accuracy and evasion, thatís fine! But I should be spending more time exploring your game and enjoying it than cursing because the attack I burned MP on missed and now I have to wait on the turn meter to fill up.

Ruin is on the road to being one of the best OHR games. Itís overcome a lot of its shortcomings, and I believe that the creator will have made something he can be proud of in the end. Maybe heíll fix what Iím talking about and maybe he wonítóthis is just one manís opinion, but as long as Iím reviewing these games, I want to be completely real. The game is not going up in my book until this is addressed.

Rating: 7 Ribeye Steaks out of 10
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