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Master K Review: Virtual School 2 
 PostSun Aug 21, 2011 11:15 pm
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VS2 Title.jpg
Nice and simple.
VS2 Pig.jpg
...what the...?
This is a review of Virtual School 2.

This is my review of Gizmog's game, Virtual School 2.

The games title screen simply shows an acronym of the games name. No music plays.

The game also has no music. The game starts with a kid named Sean trying to wake up his brother, Marcus. Marcus has to take Sean to school. He eventually gets out of bed, and escorts his brother. There is supposedly three endings; I only found the one where there parents are going to go on a secret getaway.

This game is pretty decent. Every few steps, Sean shouts something strange or random, and Marcus comments in a negative way. The area is pretty strange: Brick Town was made by a pig, theres a club, a donut shop, a drug dealer, and a strange school. Theres supposedly three endings, but I had no clue how to find them all. The graphics of this game are nice for a 48 Hour Game. This is worth at least one playthrough.
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