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The Top 30, Summer 2011 
 PostTue Jun 14, 2011 10:57 pm
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First, here are the previous Top 30 Lists for reference:

In order to make the list as COOL as possible, it's nice to get some comments from voters. Please, if you would, submit:
1) Something you like about the game
2) A short reason for why you chose it
3) A poem (haiku) or other short creative work
4) A screenshot of your favorite part of the game
5) A personal experience you had with the game that seems worth mentioning
6) Anything else appropriate
This is OPTIONAL, but it really makes the list look good, so do it if you have the time. The best comments will be published, and there usually isn't much competition so do submit.

1. Vote for your five-fifteen favorite OHR games/movies/whatever. Lowest number = highest on your favorite list.
2. You may NOT vote for your own game(s).
3. You may not vote for unreleased games. Demos are fine, though.
4. You may not vote twice, including by altnick.
5. Type out the entire name, just in case I don't know what the acronym is.
6. Airship 2600 is banned from this list. Sorry, it's just too good. Additionally, any other vaporware games shouldn't be voted for.
7. Vote for individual games, not an entire series. (OHR House, Pitch Black, etc)
8. If you wish to vote privately, please contact me by PM (Preferably on Slime Salad) to do so. Feel free to discuss games in the threads; this is encouraged.
9. If you edit your list, reply to the thread again so I actually see your edits.

Some general guidelines:
No one cares what you vote for, so don't feel compelled to vote 'in the community's eyes' or for games that you think are good but don't actually like. I want this list to reflect the personal preferences of real OHR users.

How scoring works:
Your number 1 choice gets the most points. The higher the number, the fewer the points. In addition, the number of users who actually voted for the game is taken into account.

Deadline: around July 15th, 2011.

For reference, games released SINCE the last poll:

• Blasted Earth by Blasted Earth
• Fall Be Kind by Blue Train and The Mad Cacti
• Maze of the Red Mage by Mogri
• Santa Bang Bang! by rebobinar
• Turkey Killer by Spoonweaver
• A Very Funkotronic X-mas by Spoon Weaver
• Wage Slave by Gizmog
• Wilthawiya by Gizmog
• Angel Whisper by Rimudora
• Bell of Chaos by James Paige
• Carson and the Quest for Color by Puzzle
• Crystal Chasers by Moogle
• Dragon Bustier by Shizuma
• Horse Game by Paul Harrington
• Lost Legends of Prismia by teejaynumber13
• Syzygy by G-Wreck
• VocabMosaic by James Paige
• Automagically! Bizzaro Carnival in Salad Kingdom by Spoonweaver
• Boulderbeast Tech Demo by TwirlySocrates
• Danse Danse Whale: Total War by Momoka, Spoonweaver, Blue Train, and J. Taylor
• Duck by JSH
• Field of Dwarves and Endless Dreams by Twin Hamster
• Meh by Fenrir-Lunaris • Puckamon by FnrrfYgmSchnish
• Mr. The Hamster's Math Class by James Paige
• OHR Tetris by Rimudora • Lost Legends of Prismia by teejaynumber13
• Snake Game (Tech Demo) by Rimudora
• Yo Ghost Reborn by Sh4d0ws
• An Odd Thing by Deadmanintheocean
• Batman & Robin by Red Maverick Zero
• L'Sol Nocturnal Tears by Newbie Newtype
• Nightmare on Elmo Street by J Taylor
• Seinfeld Teaches Typing by James Paige
• Star Wars - Episode IV: An OHR Hope by Spoonweaver
• Who Killed Dinosaur Giant? by Paul Harrington
• Damnation by New-Gen
• Kitty House Week Four by Only One In All
• Lightning Heroes by Sh4d0ws
• Reign of Grelok by Misac
• Dr. Coffin's Cursed Maze by Willy Elektrix
• What is a Zelda Game? by chronoboy
• The Last Crusader by Misac
• Tim-Tim's Tower by Spoonweaver
• Homeward Bound: The Account of Duck Duck by Meatballsub
• Pacman and Pacwoman by Jacunn
• Pacman Halloween by Jacunn
• Philip's Adventure by Chronoboy
• Tilt by Beau RL
• Tomb of El Saki by Chronoboy
• Quick and Dirty RPG by Chronoboy
• Apophenia Demo 2010 by Satyrisci
• Bacon Origins by Voltire
• Chronoboy Adventures Demo by chronoboy
• Eternity Fragment (Preview Release) by NayusDante
• Final Fantasy III OHR by Voltire
• Hero the RPG by NCW64
• Legendary Heroes by Spoonweaver
• Motrya by JSH
• Skyfall by Mystic
• Tales Of The New World II (version 2) by MSW
• Viridia - Chapter 2 by Baconlabs
• Arms Race (Fight Battle Contest) by RMSephy
• Don't Push the Button 2011 (Fight Battle Contest) by Gizmog
• Final Dragon Legacy by mjohnson092088
• Heart of the OHR Tribute by Barnabus
• Mostly Involving Robots (Fight Battle Contest) by Momoka
• Princess FLESH cartoon RPG by JesseGames
• Star Quest by Robot
• There is Nothing Left (Fight Battle Contest) by Shakeyair
• Armored Devil by Blasted Earth
• Dungeon Quest by Nickismo
• Voltire's Old Games by Voltire
• Castle on the Night Land by Willy Elektrix
• Doodle Quest by Andy593646
• Quest Game by Sh4d0ws
• The Tower by Voltire
• Weegee by Nathan Karr
• Deforestation by Spoonweaver
• Deforestation 2 by Spoonweaver
• Deforestation 3 by Spoonweaver
• Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone by JSH
• Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets by JSH
• Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban by JSH
• Kim und Jose by Marionline
• Metal Gear Duck by JSH
• Nordomin: Quest of Creole by Duke of Dellot
• Triangle by JSH and SD Hawk
• All the Games by Barnabus
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 PostSun Jun 26, 2011 2:11 am
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This list is going to look a little too 'contemporary' because there's kind of been a flurry of activity lately and it has been so long since I've voted in one of these things I don't even remember what my 'usual' picks are. I might edit it as I remember, but the thread is looking mighty lonely so here we go:

1. The Omega
Holy crap why hadn't I heard of this game before. Excellent bosses, story direction, and novel systems. It's the American RPG dream.

2. Motrya
Technically superior to Omega but I'm putting Omega above it right now to give JSH incentive to finish Motrya (he loves numbers). Excellent writing, battles (in a sense it is the Shadow of the Colossus of RPGs, cutting the crap and giving us nothing but bosses), and attention to detail.

3. All the Games

It'd be a crime not to see these crazy shenanigans on the Top 30.

4. Wilthawiya

The best dating sim on the OHR.

5. Habla no Ingles: THE MOVIE

Definitely not timeless but gotta reward Giz for actually putting effort into something for once.
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 PostSun Jun 26, 2011 2:47 am
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(When a game has Lytesnap, everything else can only be second)

2)Vikings of Midgard
(It's the flagship game for a reason)

3)Wandering Hamster
(Short, simple, and lots of fun)

4)Bell of Chaos
(One of the best ohr sidescrollers there is)

5)Do You Want to Be a Hero?
(A really neat twist on the engine's main genre)

6)Batman & Robin
(It may be a fan-game, but it's got a lot of originality)

7)Sword of Jade: Parallel Dreams
(Amazing graphics)

(Spooky at times, fun at others)

9)Attack Fish Chronicles Volume I: The Omega
(The unsung masterpiece of the ohr)

(A lot of good content, but the story is a bit fishy)
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 PostSun Jun 26, 2011 7:58 pm
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My votes, subject to change:

1. All the Games
2. Sword of Jade: Parallel Dreams
3. Walthros
4. Bloodlust
5. Attack Fish Chronicles Volume I: The Omega
6. Do You Want to Be a Hero?
7. Sleepover
8. Bliss
9. ARFENHOUSE!!!1 #!!!1
10. Bastard.GUNS Transylvania
12. Super Concentration Headache Master Pro
13. Wilthawiya
14. Walthrus: Return of the Crystals
15. Habla No Ingles: The Movie

Honorable Mentions:
Phantom Tactics
Village People: The Videogame
Don't Push the Button
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 PostTue Jun 28, 2011 1:57 am
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I didn't play very many games last year.

Puckamon by FnrrfYgmSchnish
Mr. The Hamster's Math Class by James Paige
Dragon Bustier by Shizuma
Who Killed Dinosaur Giant? by Paul Harrington
Horse Game by Paul Harrington
Boulderbeast Tech Demo by TwirlySocrates
Seinfeld Teaches Typing by James Paige
Star Wars - Episode IV: An OHR Hope by Spoonweaver
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 PostTue Jun 28, 2011 3:02 am
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Oh, are we suppose to vote for All OHR games ever?
I have to change my vote...
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 PostTue Jun 28, 2011 3:24 am
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Spoonweaver wrote:
Oh, are we suppose to vote for All OHR games ever?
I have to change my vote...

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 PostTue Jun 28, 2011 4:09 pm
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1. Walthros - Overall, one of the best OHR games I've ever played. Enjoyed it from start to finish. But where is the freaking remake??
2. Spellshard: Black Crown of Horgoth - Incredibly sexy 8-bit graphics and classic, old-school JRPG gaming at its best.
3. Vikings of Midgard - A very solid game overall, and some of the best graphics you will see in an OHRRPGCE game.
4. Curse of Vampire - A classic adventure game that is a bit short but enjoyable nonetheless.
5. Bloodlust - Very few OHR horror games get it right. This one does a great job to promote an unsettling atmosphere and has acceptable gameplay at that.
6. Tim-Tim the Mighty Gnome - A solid platformer on an engine that doesn't natively support platformers.
7. Village People: The Video Game - One of the most unique ideas for a game I've ever seen. It's extremely enjoyable to boot.
8. Wandering Hamster - Grandfather of OHRRPGCE games. A classic, and pretty frickin' hilarious too.
9. Tales of the New World I - The longest OHRRPGCE game I've ever played. It doesn't do anything amazing, but is a solid game worth checking out; especially if you enjoy Dragon Warrior-esque titles.
10. Ends of the Earth II - Despite it's many flaws (and sporatically ripped graphics), it still holds a nostalgic place in my heart. The soundtrack is incredible and original, and the sprites look great for their time.

I've been wanting to check out Motrya, but haven't had the chance to yet. If I do, the list may change.
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 PostFri Jul 01, 2011 10:33 pm
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1.The Adventures of Powerstick Man

Endless dialog filled with occasional humor, Examining every mundane object. 80's Rock Ballads. What more is there to say?

2. Bandit Revolver

A beautiful quest to buy some useless land and shoot some people. #1 Game in atmosphere. You don't even need sound!

3. Village People The Game

Funny and well-made. This game has so much potential I can almost play that potential (and it is very fun!).

4. Batman & Robin

Everything is in its place in this game. Batman, The Batcave, all of it! The feel of the levels and the game segmentation are perfect.

5. Castle on the Night Land

Just a fantastic game. Looks good, good writing, hard to defeat.

6. Horse Game

HORSE GAME! It hates us and loves us all the same. It has mazes and I think there might of been a horse at the end, or a party.

7. Attack Fish Chronicles Volume I: The Omega

More burning towns ending with burg than anything ever. One of the more solid games on the engine with a few ideas of its own, most of which actually work.

8. Duck

Solve a crime as a duck. The music and dialog and graphics have me interested the whole way through.

9. Blasphemous Saga Fantasy

Kill slimes and get keys, and it's all so pretty! It's not short for an OHR game even if it carries the humble title of "technical demo".

10. Mr. Triangles Maze

I love this game about the angry triangle and his wonderful maze. The gameplay is some of the most solid on the engine.

11. Sheep Rancher

Fun and simple. The strategy generally works perfectly. A game for all times really!

12. Walthros

I'm still impressed that Bob Surlaw is a floating fish. Some things never get old. A fantastic story.

13. I Made Dis Too

Elvis blows up the planet. Does your game have Elvis blowing up the planet? One of the funnier games ever made.

14. Mormon Mission

I've killed santa so many times!!

15. Fantasy Under a Blue Moon X V4

The greatest dumb RPG ever made. I love the running speed.
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 PostSat Jul 02, 2011 4:04 am
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Thanks for the compliments Shizuma. Triangle's Maze should hopefully be out later this year. We're working on the FINAL boss now. But I appreciate your opinions on both that and Batman. Thanks again.
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 PostThu Jul 07, 2011 6:37 am
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#1. Motrya - One of, if not the only, RPG in the OHR that actually feels like something you'd see on the SNES/Gameboy Advance.

#2. Horgoth - Old school in every sense of the word, and badass for it. Too cool to be seen on the SNES/Gameboy Advance.

#3. Sleepover - As accurate a portrayal of Charbile's sleepovers as you'll see outside of a courtroom. Not portrayed: His SNES/Gameboy Advance.

#4. Barnabus - A man who deserves his own Top 30 list, and also a man who stole plenty of music from the SNES/Gameboy Advance.

#5. I Made Dis - Gilbert made dis. Masayuki Uemura/Kenichi Sugino made the SNES/Gameboy Advance.

#6. Dragon Bustier - Shiz kicks it old school again. With some polish, little more content, this could be better than Horgoth but not even a Dragon can bustier my SNES/Gameboy Advance.

#7. Fall Be Kind - Oh boy, oh boy. The first game on my list that NEEDS TO BE FUCKING FINISHED!!!! I spent a few days beating that damn boss, you guys spend a few days making more levels. (The title is a reference to the durability of the SNES/Gameboy Advance.)

#8. Trailblazers - There's been a number of sidescrollers since Trailblazers, but I don't remember any of them quite as fondly as the first, right here. I want more Ninja Chick and Sharkman ...wasn't that a game for the SNES/Gameboy Advance?

#9. Duck - JSH shares a nostalgic, noir tinted story of his favorite toys growing up. If I were to do the same thing, it'd feature my wiener and my SNES/Gameboy Advance.

#10. Triangle - Hawk and JSH share a nostalgic, noir tinted story of when RMZ used to be a raging homophobe. Best entry out of the OHR Movie contest, and is symbolicly stealing OHR House's place on my list. Let us vote for series, so I don't have to "waste" three spots, you tyrant! FREE MONOPOLY MAN! All he wanted to do was stream games from the SNES/Gameboy Advance.

#11. OHR Tetris - I've been on more of an RPG kick lately, but this is still ABSOLUTELY PHENOMENAL. Next time I hope to rank it higher, because this is how I play Tetris now. Never again will I play it on the SNES/Gameboy Advance.

#12. Village People The Game - There should be more funny games about bands. Diana Ross and her Supreme(s) Adventure, anyone? Super Monkeesball? SNES/Gameboy Advance Turner Ovedrive?

#13. Arms Race - Something about this made an impression on me. Lot of novel enemy concepts, nice difficulty curve, to the Fight Battle Contest, this was the SNES/Gamboy Advance.

#14. L'Sol Nocturnal - Yay! The second and final game on this list that DESPERATELY NEEDS TO BE FINISHED. I will admit, Newbie's marketing is part of what makes this game so hot. There was nothing to be ashamed about, dude. It was fun. Like an afternoon alone with the ol' SNES/Gameboy Advance.


(Oh, and if your game isn't finished but I didn't mention that it needed to be finished, that doesn't mean I don't want you to finish it, it just means you're not a slimeteaser like SOME PEOPLE on the list. But what good slimeteasin it is.)
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 PostThu Jul 14, 2011 5:10 pm
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top 15, summer'11

1 Motrya
2 Triangle
3 Legendary Heroes
4 no ingles movie
5 Dragon Bustier
6 Attack Fish Chronicles
7 Fat Frog movie
8 Deforestation 3
9 Eternity Fragment
10 Bell of Chaos
11 Angel Whisper
12 Fall Be Kind
13 Horse Game
14 Star Wars - Episode IV: An OHR Hope
15 Wilthawiya

if more comments are needed to make the list look better let me know. otherwise i'll give a typical one size fits all:

Every game on my list is either a demo, has an upgraded version being worked on, or a short ha ha piece. Only 'games released since last poll' were considered.
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 PostThu Jul 14, 2011 10:45 pm
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1) Bloodlust (Only One In All)
Undoubtedly the one OHR game that has stuck to me. The story tugs at my heart strings while the thrilling, chilling gameplay keeps me on edge. Against my better judgement, I did indeed play this at 3 in the morning, and the game's nightmares bled into the world around me until I beat the final boss, and that's when I thought it was all over. It wasn't. There's still something in this game that compels me to return to it and challenge the nightmare once more.

2) Okédoké! La Leyenda Mexicana (FnrrfYgmSchnish)
What this game lacks in seriousness, it makes up for with a lack of seriousness. With loco characters and pop culture references out the culata, this game is almost like an estranged, south-of-the-border flavored Earthbound. Very enjoyable, all things considered.

3) Wandering Hamster (James Paige)
Fun and lighthearted, Wandering Hamster is an OHR classic that would just looove to be updated more often. (hint hint) The game features a very simple plot that has always been endearing to me, and it has mini-golf. I love mini-golf! In all honesty, if you downloaded the OHRRPGCE, this is a must-play. If you've never heard of the OHRRPGCE, I'd still recommend playing!

4) DON'T EAT SOAP! (James Paige)
Not an RPG! Fun arcade game nonetheless. Yes, it's a Bubble Bobble clone, but that doesn't make it any less enjoyable. One of the super-rare multiplayer OHR games, and I look forward to giving that a try one of these days.

5) Boundless Ocean + (Friend)
It's been a long time since I've played this, but I distinctly remember it featuring beautiful and immersive scenery no matter where I looked. The gameplay was pretty complex too, I should really pick it up and finish it. This game is not listed on Slime Salad, so here's the Castle Paradox link:

6) Horse Game (Surlaw)
The name of the game is Horse Game and that is the game you will be playing today. Surlaw has the sexiest voice.

7) Tightfloss Maiden (Pepsi Ranger)
The world this takes place in is quite immersive and intriguing, it felt like a huge accomplishment when I managed to navigate it correctly. Exploration and survival are key in this game, and it builds up to a lot of mysteries that have yet to be solved. I hope this will get an update soon.

8) Crescent Dream (AdrianX)
A great OHR RPG from years ago that resembles many a JRPG classic. Its plot is predictable and the cliches are plenty, but that's why I like it so much. It's also very graphically impressive for its time. Again, can't be found on Slime Salad, so here's the link.

9) Walthros (Surlaw)
Another OHR classic. Go on an adventure. Gather crystals. Talk to a nutty walrus. Employ the world's strongest worm. Meet Dinosaur Triple. Have fun. Write short sentences about it.

10) Who Killed Dinosaur Giant? (Surlaw)
I sure don't know! You'll have to watch to find out! An OHR film, which recently became its own category, and one of the best.

11) SLIMES! (Spoonweaver)
Lemmings-type game, puzzling puzzles for all, a pretty neat level editor to boot.

12) Bob the Hamster in the Crypt of Baconthulu (James Paige)
OHR Roguelike, very difficult, also very occult.

13) Village People the Videogame (Surlaw)
Did you know they're the ones who did that super-popular YMCA song? Oh, you did? Well, this is a game about them. Funky-fresh!

14) Do You Want To Be A Hero? (Mogri)
Sure do!

15) Seinfeld Teaches Typing (James Paige)
Someday I will give myself the ultimate challenge: type out the entire transcript to The Dinner Party in sync with the actual episode on TV.
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 PostFri Jul 15, 2011 7:01 pm
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Sorta vaguely in order. If order actually counts for anything, I guess you can count them as my #1 through #15 in the order they're in now.

Wandering Hamster
One of the few OHR games that actually made me wonder "what's going to happen next?" after I hit the end-of-demo point, and for the longest time the only OHR game that I ever actually checked for updates every once and a while. And with the rate that it gets updated at, I'll probably forget all the spoilers I read on the wiki before they're actually in the game!

And here's the other game that made me wonder "what's going to happen next?" after the end-of-demo message.

Don't Eat Soap
Pretty much perfect Bubble Bobble-type game. I just wish it was a bit longer... I never came anywhere near beating the actual Bubble Bobble but finished Don't Eat Soap on the first day.

I sat down and played this for hours when I first downloaded it, though I don't think I ever got to the end. I really should go back and actually finish it sometime.

Village People: The Videogame

Great as is, but I'd really like to see this one finished/updated. What is that squid boss I wasn't supposed to beat guarding?

Mr. Triangle's Maze
Couldn't finish the version I played due to what I'm guessing was a bug (one of the items permanently disappeared rather than coming back), but what was there was really good.

Bell of Chaos
Probably the most convincingly 8-bit of all the 8-bit games, the only thing that really gives it away is the title screen and the familiar OHR font (or more likely the little black borders that always display around the font, since OHR-default does look a lot like an NES-type font without them.) Probably the most unique method of attacking things in a platformer I've seen in a long time, also. Just needs to be longer!

Do You Want To Be A Hero?
Yet another game I liked but still haven't finished. Being able to guess who the enemies would attack depending on how many attacked the first character on his turn was a really neat battle system feature that I don't think I've ever seen a game use before.

Tim-Tim the Mighty Gnome
The first boss (Steve? the green fire-breathing guy) was kind of ridiculous, but overall a pretty good game. And another one that I still need to go back and finish.

Slime Wars
It's like one of those old arcade games that never ends, just keeps getting harder as you go. I liked this one so much that I actually based an enemy in Okédoké on the slimes.

Bob the Hamster in the Crypt of Baconthulhu



Arfenhouse 3
Hey, why not? If any completely silly nonsense game in the "intentionally bad" style should be on this list, it should be this one.

Vikings of Midgard
Haven't played the most recent version much, since the random encounters at the very beginning of the game inexplicably took forever to kill in that version (whereas in the Ypsiliform version only the Thopters seem like they might have a little too much HP.) But I did play until I started seeing "this part is horribly unfinished" notices everywhere in the Ypsiliform version, and based on that one it gets onto the list.
(The fight with Cthulhu was absurd, though. First Yog-Sothoth and then regular Cthulhu and then immediately after that I have to fight super-Cthulhu? I did eventually beat him after about a dozen tries, but had to really abuse stat-boosting attacks--which I usually hate using because in most games they're either totally useless or they're the cheapass way to win--just to survive. One good point about Cthulhu's out-of-nowhere difficulty--when other bosses after that point bragged about being more powerful than Cthulhu, it was that much funnier when I beat them without hardly a scratch.)
Bok's Expedition -- Final playtesting... now just need to make an ending
Puckamon -- Not until the reserve party is expanded
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 PostFri Jul 15, 2011 8:04 pm
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Dang it, why do I wait to the last minute? I know why, it is because I tell myself I am going to find time to play some of the games from my guilt-list.

I always dislike ranking things in order of favorites. I like to enjoy games without focusing on comparing them to other games-- but that is the path that leads to not voting at all, and that is not the path I want to walk.

Plus my tastes seem to be fickle, and change with the wind :)

=Fickle Approximation Of James's Favorites That He Can Think Of Right Now=

1 Motrya *
2 Vikings of Midgard *
3 Bloodlust *
4 Powerstick Man **
5 Tightfloss Maiden **
6 Slimes!
7 Village People: The Videogame
8 Mr. Triangle's Maze
9 Do You Want To Be A Hero? *
10 Tim-Tim the Mighty Gnome
11 Dragon Bustier
12 Entrepreneur
13 Sword of Jade: Parallel Dreams **
14 Okédoké! **
15 Horse Game

* indicates games that I feel guilty about because I have not played all the way through yet

** indicates games that I feel extra guilty about because I have only played the beginnings, and know them mostly from other people's reviews and liveplays

=Honorable Mention of Games James Feels Guilty That He Has Never Even Played At All=
A Walthros
B Walthrus: Return of the Crystals
C Who Killed Dinosaur Giant?
D Blasphemous Saga Fantasy
E Attack Fish Chronicles Volume I: The Omega
F Batman & Robin
G Sleepover
H Boundless Ocean
* ...and too many more to count ;)

EDIT: oops! Wasn't supposed to vote for my own games! Wasn't supposed to vote for more than 15, and forgot about Entrepreneur
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