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Rules of battle and FAQ 
 PostTue Nov 06, 2007 11:35 pm
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Listen up, slimes. You want to know how to battle? I'll tell you how to battle.

You're really new at this, huh? Let's start with the basics. Everyone has five vital statistics:

HP - Your life force. Don't let this run out or you'll lose the battle! You start battles at full HP, but it's difficult to recover it once you lose it. Remember, you can raise your max HP by posting in Game Discussion or Front Page.

MP - Your action energy. You'll need MP to do pretty much anything. You start battles at full MP and regenerate some each round. You expend MP by attacking. If you want to recover MP, you have two options: you can use low-cost attacks so that you gain more MP than you use, or you can use the Recharge command to forfeit your turn and gain extra MP for that round. You can raise your max MP by posting in Game Discussion.

Str - Your attack power. Attack damage is based on two factors: the attack's Power rating and your Str stat. If your Str falls below the attack's Power rating for any reason, you can't use that attack anymore. If your Str is equal to the Power rating, you'll do that much damage. If your Str is higher than the Power rating, you can do extra damage -- up to 150% damage if your Str is twice the attack's Power rating. But it's still more effective to use stronger attacks than to rely on your Str stat alone! Raise your Str by posting new Games.

Agi - This stat has several effects. First, it determines turn order. In each round, the turn goes to the slime with the highest Agi that hasn't taken a turn yet until everyone has taken a turn. Getting the jump on your opponent is an important advantage! In addition, if your Agi is higher than the slime that attacks you, the damage he deals to you is reduced. Also, attacks that deal less than one-tenth of your Agi will fail against you. Finally, many attacks have a Critical Chance and a Critical Multiplier. When you use one of these attacks, your Agi is compared against the Critical Chance. If you succeed, the attack's damage is multiplied by the Critical Multiplier. The math is a little complicated, but the short version is that you have a 50% chance to achieve a critical hit if your Agi is equal to the Critical Chance. Raise your Agi by posting new Games or Reviews.

Int - Your MP regeneration rate. Slimes with higher Int can use powerful attacks more often. At the beginning of each of your turns, you get 1 MP for every 5 Int you have. Simple! Raise your Int by posting new Reviews.

Besides their standard effects, raising your stats will also let you learn new abilities. For example, you can't learn an attack if your max MP is below the amount necessary to cast it or if your Str is below its Power rating. Other attacks require enough Agi or Int before you can learn them. There are other hidden requirements to learn or use some of the more special attacks. But it's best if you learn about that on your own...

Oh, one more thing: have you noticed you always get Slimebucks for posting? You can exchange them for stat bonuses, of course -- but you'll also need them to buy new attacks and equipment. Higher stats are always good, but the highest Str in the world won't help if you don't have powerful attacks to back it up.

Equipment? That's complicated. It's not like carrying a bigger weapon will always mean more damage. Each piece of equipment has its own unique effects. You should always read the label in the store before you buy. Remember that you only have two equipment slots. If you figure out which items go well together, you can create a winning strategy before you even enter the field of battle!

Finally, I should warn you that once you've stepped into the battlefield, there's no going back. At the start of each battle, a "snapshot" of you is stored. Any stat increases, new attacks, or equipment changes that occur after the battle begins don't take effect in that battle. All battle preparation has to take place before the battle!

You're ready to fight now, kid -- what? You don't know how? You really are new at this. Look, when it's your turn, all you need to do is log in, select an action and a target, then let me take care of the rest--

What?! You don't even know how to get into a battle? Listen up! When you're in the lobby, you can check out the status of any fights you're currently participating in, as well as incoming challenges. If nothing's going on, you can also initiate a challenge yourself. There are two kinds of challenges: Team and Free-for-all. It's just like it sounds... If you're initiating a Team challenge, you can decide who's on which team. Remember that everyone involved in the challenge needs to accept or the battle will be cancelled.

Now, eventually you should think about entering some tournaments. They come in a lot of different formats and the prizes can be really good. I'm talking about rare equipment and attacks, stuff you can't get any other way. If you're thinking about winning a tournament, though, you've got a lot of training to do first...

Well! Enough talking. Get out there and show me what you've got. If you're good enough, I'll meet you on the field of battle someday -- maybe...
Master Judge of Battles
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 PostWed Oct 15, 2008 8:53 pm
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Questions? You have questions? This is all so elementary -- but that's fine. Everyone starts somewhere.

I bought an attack! Why can't I use it?
What? Didn't you hear? You can't use attacks that you buy during a battle. When you click "Confirm" on a battle, it's like you clone yourself at that instant. Anything you change after that won't have any effect on the battle. That includes attacks, equipment, stats, you name it.

If you're sure you bought the attack before the battle, then you're missing something else: you don't have enough MP, Str, Int, or Agi. In this case, the attack will show up in the menu, but it'll be grayed out. Try selecting it to see why you can't use it.

I have lots of MP. How come I only start battles with 50?
Surely you knew that everyone starts at 50 MP? No? Well, now you know. You might need to charge up a bit before you unleash that killer attack.

How do I get more MP?
At the beginning of your turn, you get MP equal to your Int divided by 5 (see Int, above). You're guaranteed a minimum of 5 MP each turn this way, regardless of how low your Int has fallen. Additionally, you can use Recharge, which restores MP equal to your Int, again to a minimum of 5.

Can I really target anyone with any attack?
For the most part, yes. Watch where you aim that attack! You can target yourself or a teammate with Ultranuke, but that doesn't mean it's a good idea. Some attacks, like Recharge, don't take a target. In that case, it doesn't matter what target you selected. Some attacks target an entire team, in which case you'll attack the entire team of the player you selected.

My stats are so low! How can I possibly compete?
Stats aren't everything -- but they are important! See above for how you can raise your stats. You may also want to team up with a stronger battler to take on your opponents.

What's a "sucker punch"?
Challengers can decide how long the turn length is on a battle (from 1 to 7 days). If a slime is idle for more than that amount of time, it has fallen asleep and any participant can sucker punch it, knocking it out of battle! Don't let this happen to you.

What happens if I use an effect attack on someone who already has an effect?
If it's a different effect, the effects will stack, even if they do similar things. If it's the same as an existing effect, the duration will be incremented.

What's the deal with critical hits on attacks that don't deal damage?
Usually, critical hits on effect attacks increase the duration of the status effect. For some attacks, though, critical hits will cause different, more powerful effects! In this case, since it's a different effect from the normal one, you can use it again to stack the normal effect onto the increased effect.

What's a Slimebot?
Most participants in the arena are forum members. The rest are Slimebots. Slimebots don't act by themselves. Most of them require only a click of the "Attack" button -- they'll choose their own attacks. Slimebot CUSTOM is a special Slimebot that aids you in battle. Any of its teammates can choose which attacks it will use. Slimebot GOLEM and Slimebot TRICKSTER are also ally Slimebots. Other Slimebots are there to be challenged.

Who are the Slimebot opponents and how do I fight them?
  • Sludgehammer is the owner of the attack shop. You can fight him one-on-one or two-on-one. You'll get his special attack for winning.
  • Sir Goowain operates the equipment shop. You can challenge him with up to two friends. If you can beat him, he'll give you his prized helmet.
  • Slimesworth runs the stats shop. You can challenge him alone or with an ally. Be warned that he'll bring in two helpers. Victory against him gives you his gloves and a good bit of cash.
  • Slimebot OMEGA is an ever-changing opponent. You can only fight him one-on-one and only once per day. Every time you beat him, he grows stronger! OMEGA drops twice as much money as normal and occasionally gives out special prizes.
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