Space Harrier OHR Demake

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Space Harrier OHR Demake

Post by pjbebi »

For RMZ and PJ's B-Day contest/RGC 2023.
I did 75% of the work on this game in one week, once I figured out how it should all work. It's not perfect, but hey! A contest is a small level-up and I love that I can't win this one.

Controls are:
Alt/Esc - Pause
Spacebar - Shoot
Arrows - Move

Should work as expected with a gamepad.

Extra debug keys:
R - reset game
T - restore screen resolution in case of error display

Feel free to use any of the scripts I used, though note: they include some useless band-aids and too many variables since I kind of rushed getting it out.
Windows zip
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