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Review of Outside

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Arti's Outside is inspired by Portal, so I'll assume it's intended for the RGC 2023 Demake Contest, although that's unspoken.

It's a short game of not much more than 5 minutes. The graphics are appropriately minimal in a way that's reminiscent of Baba Is You, though that's maybe a bit of a pretentious way to describe graphics of the sort sported by hundreds of other OHR games. The nice music and succinct writing gave me an initial impression that this would be an engaging Portalesque puzzle game. The first levels are super basic, very slowly introducing a mechanic or... none. Unfortunately, non-trivial mechanics are never introduced, and there are no real puzzles beyond memorising a couple numbers. Even the block-pushing has zero challenge. It's a big missed opportunity, the game's setup had promise. I imagine it was intentional to have tasks that only substitute for real puzzles, in the same way every other aspect of Portal is squeezed to nothing. But the last few levels are interesting for other reasons, and the game is so short that it was over before the extreme simplicity really got on my nerves, so I still enjoyed it.

Beware, there is a bug that if you hold down an arrow key while you get hit by a laser you can immediately teleported back to the start of the level but sometimes continue moving and become misaligned with the grid. (Honestly this is really a long-standing engine bug.) To Arti: to fix it, add "walk hero(me, west, 0), walk hero(me, south, 0)" after the teleport command (using "cancel hero walk" isn't enough). That'll change the hero direction to south-facing though.

You see here a laser (pacing NPC)
You see here a laser (pacing NPC)
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Re: Review of Outside

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Woah, thanks a lot for the review, the error was something I couldn't fix.
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