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Re: Hamster People Movie Place

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Shanghai Knights (2003) 7/10
A very strange Jackie Chan film and the sequel to Shanghai Noon. The premise of the original film was that Chan was in a western, with Owen Wilson as his idiotic sidekick. The premise of this one is that now they're in England...because Jackie, or I should say Chon Wang's (say that name out loud) died and the killer was some low-rent Edward Norton lookalike who's trying to obtain the throne of England. Played by that guy who played the CIA agent from The Dark Knight Rises, you know the one, from all the memes. Also, Donnie Yen is going to murder Queen Victoria and lead the Boxers to rule over China.
There are some really nice action scenes in this movie, the climatic one involving a gatling gun is pretty cool, as is one where Owen Wilson's character gets accidentally waterboarded. There are also some funny scenes in-between the action. Those aside, since you expect those out of a Jackie Chan movie, this is a weird movie. This is on many layers, because this is weird for a film involving Chan and weird for a '00s film. Wilson's character got really weird here. He was never competent, but here he turns into a straight-up slimehole we're expected to somehow care about. "Oh, Jackie, I lost all your money printing fictional novels about my exploits, I hate orphans and have hundreds of STDs from frequenting every whorehouse from here to Portland. Let me marry our sister Jackie!" I swear the person who wrote his character must hate his guts, because his character feels like it was scientifically tested to be as annoying as humanly possible.
Otherwise, this film is about as historically inaccurate as it could possible be. I'm unsure if that's because the writer is stupid or if he's specifically trying to think up some weird alternative history thing. Its 1887 or so, California is just making moving pictures, Jack the Ripper is here, Arthur Conan Doyle is a police inspector, someone has an automobile, Charlie Chaplin is alive and an obnoxious kid, the Boxers are planning on overthrowing the Chinese emperor. Someone thought up all these details, so he's either stupid or has this bizarre plan for this film and a presumable sequel, or possibly just to annoy anyone who actually noticed these things.
That doesn't get into how the film feels weird in general. From a soundtrack consisting of a weird selection of boomer music (as in, something a boomer would appreciate and not me) to scenes that just feel utterly bizarre to think about in retrospect. Any time the film deviates from its usual Chan formula it feels like it was a fever dream.
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Re: Hamster People Movie Place

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I think i watched that in the theaters back when it came out. Yes, weird. About the only thing I remember about it was the attempt to cram in a bunch of cameos from historical/literary characters that didn't fit
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Re: Hamster People Movie Place

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I made a list of all the new releases I watched this year. I've watched a lot of movies lately.

2022 Films Ranked - https://letterboxd.com/surlaw/list/2022 ... ed/detail/
All the 5/5 ones
All the 5/5 ones
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