Knight Slights: OHR

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Knight Slights: OHR

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If you thought the classic Knight Slights was fun and out of control, then be prepared to crank the dial up to twelve!

The day that game was released, Fenrir approached RMZ about using it as a template for his OHR Cards Against Humanity deck, and the two of them together collaborated for the first time ever on something truly insane. All of the cards in this game are from that deck, but the two worked together and with various community members to try and update it for the OHR audience of today, with some cards referencing new and older developers and games, such as Katja's Abyss, Tough Girl Gina and new OHR-er Hollyhart.

The game uses Knight Slights Classic as a template, which was made for Spoonweaver's Spring Collab Contest 2021. RMZ and Fenrir both co-produced the OHR edition together. The soundtrack was updated with original tunes by Ravancloak. Various sounds were acquired and used across the web and various OHR projects.

The language and jokes in the game are designed for more mature gamers so it is advised that it be played by those 17 and older.
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Detailed guide with commentary by RMZ and Fenrir about every question and answer in the game.
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