Gay Savage And The Enigma Rip (Demo)

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Gay Savage And The Enigma Rip (Demo)

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Here is my submission for the HOTOHR contest, my first game! (well, demo tbh)

I hope y'all enjoy it.

There's been a general consensus that finding the key to the antenna control room is too hard. Because of this, I put a hint as a screenshot, 'cause yeah, that was my bad….

About the Game:
Play a young, lazy lady as she meanders around town in search of some eggs for her Gramma. Maybe she'll make it home before all the craziness surrounding the comet that just landed gets to her.


I am not updating the file I originally uploaded for the HOTOHR contest, opting instead to upload a different, updated DEMO file.
I deleted the HOTOHR version of the game from this list. People keep accidentally downloading it and its the exact same as the newer version except worse.

UPDATES: (1-22-21)
-Added an extra playable character
-balancing changes
-made it a bit easier to find one of the hidden keys
-changed item drops for an enemy or two.
-reworked one of the previously playable characters, added a new move "meditate".
-Added some text boxes to increase clarity etc..
-Aaaand quite a bit more prolly, I don't remember!
Windows Version (Demo 0.9)
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Screenshot_20210104-064959.png (99.37 KiB) Viewed 1683 times
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Screenshot_20210104-064527.png (138.2 KiB) Viewed 1684 times
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