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Slime Knight
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Slimes World Development Thread 
 PostMon Oct 19, 2020 12:44 am
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skills menu
A Tavern
Dialog options
title screen

You are born as a slime, but not any kind of slime, a sentient and intelligent slime, born from the will of the gods. Begin born from will you have a purpose on this world and you are set to run after it since you just come to exist, like every slime. They must pilgrimage to Mt. Birmus in order to know his true purpose, revealed by the elders on the summit. Of course your journey won't be easy and your travel will be presented with numerous challenges.

How it began
Slimes World was never meant to be a serious project. It was just a playground to understand what is possible to archive with the engine before I just commit it to a bigger project. I had just made some tilesets to be used on a kind of collection thread some years ago, and it was already old when I posted (at least a year). Trying to put it to good use, I set then to make a simple game, where graphics wasn't a concern at first.
Now, it's 2020 and I learned quite a bit with this little project that I feel motivated to keep it going, since the game is much simpler to grasp and build upon right now.

What has been made!
I have an outdated version at github that I won't bother to update right now, just so you guys can see how much have been done since I last tinkered with it.

- 3 Races (Red, Green and Blue)
- 5 Classes (Warrior, Thief, Wizard, Healer, Archer)
- 6 Dieties (Abholos, Osmo, Gagckt, Shathak, Birmus and No one)
- Different Crafting Materials
- Simple Crafting mechanics
- Tutorial Quest (WIP)
- Resource harvesting

What's going to be made
Much things still are to be made, like dungeons, villages, cities, quest, etc...

[Git HUB]
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Chemical Slime
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 PostMon Oct 19, 2020 12:53 am
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This looks awesome!

What is that priest wearing? it looks like a thong
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Slime Knight
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 PostMon Oct 19, 2020 12:58 am
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Now that you mentioned it... it really looks like it. It was meant to be some kind of purse or charm. I was trying to come up with something for the healer class and found some Asian priests that uses a kind of folded fabric hat with some robes and things.
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Slime Knight
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 PostMon Oct 19, 2020 10:55 pm
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Random Chests
Just reporting in from this weekend

I'm so pleased with what I could achive this past weekend, I made scripts, sfx and some animation for mining, rigged this event to the tutorial quest, designed the mines and a prototype skills screen with some pieces of slices.

The wood cutting and mining animation are about the same. I just switch to different slices, sfx, tags and strings. I might just build a script with arguments to make it more robust.

Next, I just wanted to find a way to make treasure chests that don't need tags to be toggled, set the items via arguments and all that while beign activated by an NPC. Turns out that it's too many arguments for just one NPC. So, I just made it random! YAY!

To end it all, I made the skills menu. The skills menu is just a buch of slices and the meters are randomly generated right now. I just need to rig it to the right values.
"I can't buy food with glory"
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