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Any advice... 
 PostWed Jul 08, 2020 6:37 pm
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Hello everyone, as perhaps some have already played the video games that I have made and I would like to know if there is something that can be improved either in the graphics or in the gameplay, add more attacks or that the base concept is not very original.
I always like to know the opinion of the people and I would appreciate that they give theirs Smile

Thank for give his opinion guys Angel
Liquid Metal King Slime
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 PostWed Jul 08, 2020 7:06 pm
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There's some decent scripting for the buttons in the chubby bunny game.
You either made them pretty quickly or saved them up for a while. If you made them quickly then great job time wise.
Interesting to see completed games from a new comer.
They were ok.

That said, they are short and they didn't really bring anything new to the table.
I felt a sort of lack of effort to them.
They didn't seem very planned out, it was like you made them as you went.
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 PostThu Jul 09, 2020 4:41 am
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So, I'm not really big on art-piece games, but I tried out Deception.

I can tell you're capable of doing lo-fi graphics. I saw the cows on the left hand side of the map, for example, and the dead dude on the north-center map. They didn't look bad. I don't feel like that level of quality was present everywhere, however. There was also at least one NPC that completely blended in with the environment. I _think_ you were trying to hide it, but I don't think players will appreciate being messed with in that way.

If you're going to do an art game, it's important to hide the aspects of the engine that aren't important. For example, you really don't need the OHRRPGCE menus or the OHRRPGCE battle engine. I'd disable the ESC menu and replace it with something of your own that is more immersive. The battle with "Sr" was also really immersion breaking (and uh, incredibly difficult if not impossible. I'll admit, I cheated it using debug commands).

I was super psyched when I found the little robot puzzle mini-game on the top left section of the map. I see you can do some plotscripting, that's good. More of that! Then I was bummed when I got it into the "goal" area and nothing happened.

Additionally, whenever I did manage to get into any of the door areas, I was greeted with a note giving lore, but then no way to escape. Soft-locks are never mysterious or interesting, they're frustrating.

I think you can turn this into something good though, with some work, Arti. Good luck, buddy. Smile
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 PostThu Jul 09, 2020 5:22 am
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Remember: You don't have to sell your game. That means, that you can try everything you want. EVERYTHING! Be radical! Do crazy things! Total out of control action!

You don't need highly polished graphics for that. Graphics are a crutch for the imagination to start wandering. And your graphics did make my imagination wander, so that's a good sign.

Tell us a story of your heart. Everyone of us has a different history, which is full of memories and stories to tell. And these you can easily build up, because you lived through them.

You are now a god of your own virtual worlds. Enjoy it and make a big game!
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 PostThu Jul 09, 2020 8:20 pm
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Solid performance, Arti. What's next?
i miss my wife
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 PostThu Jul 09, 2020 10:40 pm
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So, I think you've got something really solid there, Arti.
But I didn't really understand what was happening in most of them.
Still, they work well as games.

There's a lot of empty space, and slow-walking speed. Consider
a different walk speed or something.

So, you can do scenes and views and characters and items and things like that. But there's a lot of empty space.
It's nice to have something to look at, listen to, or interact with. More please!
For all your games. Please put something in the corners.
A half-stick, even.

You can't run away from battles Sad
It goes from 0-100 real quick. The next room can basically be a nigh-inescapable death-trap.

I had gamebreaking bugs in most of your games. I'm not sure if it's because I'm using the Game player, or what. Anyone else?
If you don't password-protect your games, anyone can look at the file for you.


Deception Tale was stark. I loved the writing and art. More like this!
The block puzzle seems to break.
I saw everything by teleporting to other maps, and it was all very mysterious.
If this is your style, then it's promising indeed!
Like a dream. But maybe consider a higher walking speed.
Or more stuff to see in the corners. Like vistas or tiles, or npcs, or anything. There doesn't seem to be any game over, it's nice to be given the option to restart, in that case.

I enjoyed Mini-RPG. Would have liked to see more though Sad
I think it would be better if you encountered Flower enemy on/near the map tile with flowers, and same for trees. Or maybe that's how it is?
I can't believe I got my ass beat by a Bush. Maybe you can talk to them as well or something haha?
It's short but simple. The combat is punchy, but you quickly become an unstoppable killing machine. Feels good actually.
I would have liked to be able to drink from the lake for HP, or, aforementioned Half-Stick. Or just some writing.
Even though it's short, most people will give up at the first game-over.
Personally, I think you should let the player name the hero. I think Blanco or something is more fitting. Whiteman really doesn't do it for me, at all.

I didn't get far in Chubby Bunny because it teleported me outside the map when I was walking about in the second room. Then I played until the room with no visible solution, then it restarted (or teleported me to the start). There's also a soft-lock in the first room.
OK I read that there's a time-limit on each room? Please mention this to the player at some point in the game Smile Same goes for all your games, really.
It's also similarly barren. idk

New Toy is rather empty.
You can't heal outside battle?
There's only 1 enemy set for the whole game?
Chance to get riggety-wrecked in the first room or spend ages alternating between attack and heal?
Money with no (apparent) point? I would have preferred Gems.
Damage-tiles can OHKO you in the beginning? OK that one is kinda cool. Makes you pay attention.
I get a bug when I load a game, I can't move at all.
EDIT: 50 rooms? I'm sure I didn't see them all. Or maybe I did? They are all too similar! I also didn't know there was a story until I read the info on the game page.

You have a great sense of design, and presence of mind. Things are placed with great consideration.

But the corners need to be smoothed or filled (or whatever).
It can be unpalatable to lose all your progress, for example, or not knowing why you should progress.
The mystique is rather alluring, but you have to take advantage of opportunities to express things to the player.

I like your writing and art style, but there should be more if you want to keep the interest of the audience.
Content/direction is sparse, especially if you're used to more hand-holding, like me.
Your presentation is rather good, and the content that IS there is solid, at least, and usually competent, and intriguing at best.[/b]

I like the constant threat of game-over, forcing the player to play properly. It requires a lot of attention. However you have to buy the player's attention, as well as demand it. It can be annoying!
There are a lot of interesting scenarios that occur and I think you have a excellent grasp of what goes into making a game happen/work. Admirable, really.
Excellent Game Design Techniques and/or Principles. imho
It can be rather difficult to advance, but still rewarding.
It's probably not enough for most casual players, but I appreciate it, personally. The design works well to keep players moving in the right direction. A lot of people struggle with that!! It even does a better job than some famous titles.

What you've made so far is enjoyable and pleasant and impressive.
I would love to see them expanded on, or a new project.
Please keep honing your craft, or team-up. Constant improvement is key.
i miss my wife
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