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Does anyone still play this? 
 PostWed Aug 23, 2017 4:29 pm
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I've tried to challenge random people and nothing happens.
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 PostWed Aug 23, 2017 8:32 pm
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I tried too but nothing happened
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 PostWed Aug 23, 2017 9:48 pm
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You may have better luck if you challenge an active player. If you are both looking for someone else, then good news: there are two arena players in this very thread.

Aside from that, anyone who's interested in playing could respond here...
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 PostWed Aug 23, 2017 10:42 pm
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I bought a bunch of arena stuff, but I regret it now, because I'd rather use it to e.g. modify my title and so on.
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 PostFri Jan 04, 2019 4:12 pm
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We should start up a new tournament
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 PostFri Jan 04, 2019 10:23 pm
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Long post is long. Below are some ideas purely hypothetical...

After a lot of consideration, I don't know if I like the idea of the forum battle system. Actually I think I hate it :p
It potentially encourages posting for the sake of increasing stats, and shares attributes with other systems, namely using money to make forum requests, which is imo much more important... because it can potentially benefit the entire forum.
Money could/can be used for so much more! There doesn't seem to be incentive or reason to do so though.

The current battle system encourages a kind of insular character building divorced from the idea of team-work (or even enjoyment. sorry).
I know there are options to fight in teams, but the battle system is convoluted, difficult to get into, time consuming and no one uses it/is interested in it. So it is somewhat moot whether there are multiplayer/team options (currently. see below)

I'd love to see some reworking of the entire thing, perhaps based around money/economy as opposed to battle.
We could make a game of sharing rather than of fighting.
Maybe that's just me though, I am pretty sick of meaningless violence (for the love of god won't someone think of the children?).

We could still keep the battle stuff(!) but I believe it should be reworked around something meaningful to everyone rather than some glancing clashes.

Every user could have their own personalised space on the forum, similar to their profile, where they could undertake activities with other forum members.

Users could have a page for their personal "virtual" space, like a castle, shop-front, house, garden or whatever. We could work some coding in, to create archetypes to make these things usable in some way, like growing things in a garden, selling things in a shop, etc.,
Of course all the content would be user generated! Probably. There might be a moderator or admin to handle that.
Maybe we wouldn't have one virtual space each, but we would share a common one. Doesn't seem quite as fun as having your own virtual area though. Maybe we could have some compromise by working in teams responsible for different areas, perhaps corresponding to forums or points in the community

For forum stuff, we could have gewgads und gizmos for users, threads, forums etc.,
Users could create things like nameplates, badges, banners or things like that to be displayed next to your username or in the signature, or frames for avatars, as well as for threads and/or forums.
We could pay to change the colour scheme of a thread or add music, wallpaper etc., (maybe, and with an option to turn it off or veto on obnoxious choices)

User generated content. Well, we could select from a predefined stuff, or have a voting system to promote the best stuff. Though, it would be terribly sad if no one used any of that after it was all implemented. Imagine if a few people created hours of work, hundreds of entries etc., that lay there unused for years! People probably would have at least a look at them but if they are uninteresting they would abandon it.
Users could create areas, items, enemies and attacks, at first just as a written description maybe with an image, or as a jumping point for others to RP(?) with and maybe eventually with stats (but likely not using stats as they currently are)

I would rather have a system where you can rank up attributes by doing tasks for people on the forum, like fulfilling art requests or providing scripting help.
This would motivate people to answer questions in return for ranks, or to donate artwork or music etc., and there could be an economy of sorts based around this.
It's kinda meaningless though since if you are already doing that kinda thing, you probably don't care about this stuff as a reward. But it might provide nice jumping points for other users to make requests, for artists to promote themselves, and to promote community bonds.
It's probably unnecessary though.

The way it works currently is that the older members have all or most of the power. Which is okay because it roughly works out that they are the most important members anyway.
But there could be a way to recognise each member for their contributions to the society, rather than for just posting in the forum.
The current system pretty much works out cus we need reviews and stuff anyway. But there's a lot of things that also don't make much sense about it.

I think there would also need to be a change in the usage of attributes. Like what they are used for, what they represent, as well as how they are obtained.

In a way this connects to some ideas I had about OHR house being a forum game. I would like to see community driven things.

I am willing to pay good(ish) money to see this work undertaken seriously, if there is also interest from the community.

A forum game might be more work than its worth judging by the activity here, but there seems to be plenty of people on discord, so maybe they're just waiting for an opportunity?
As I said earlier, if it was implemented (don't get your hopes up) and no one uses it, it might be really depressing. Well, I guess the current battle system is like that.

Further ideas...

How about a dungeon explorer mode?
Like using your attributes to bypass traps and puzzles that can be set by users, in a similar way to the interactive storybook thingy?

I think users should not be in direct control of their attributes, but a combination of voting and moderation could be more practical.
In any case, the idea of balancing stats would quickly become meaningless, as a user who answers a lot of questions would quickly get too much power just for helping others and unbalance everything :p That's kinda how it is now as well now that I think about it.
Even if someone marked your answer as helpful, it might not require a lot of work. Someone could be powerful just from answering easy questions, but if someone pops up to answer a mega-difficult question they would get barely anything in comparison!
Then you would also be at the whim of community or moderators. Maybe not a good idea. But I don't think allowing users to control it would be better, as it is prone to abuse.
Maybe every year we could have a reset and obtain prestige ranks or something like that.

Rather, there should be an RP kinda thing to tie it all together.
The idea of having a higher rank, level or attribute than another user rankles me enormously.
It is in no way a validation, qualification etc., or worth or value. I believe that everyone can be useful in their own way and that working together will provide the most pleasant experience.
Maybe we could have some kind of flat characters that can be expanded by other means instead? Characters wouldn't become more powerful, but more versatile, as they unlock new options rather than a numerical advantage. Still it would boil down to the same thing. People would be overpowered.
And now being quite honest, this is one of the reasons I hate RPGs, which is to say an emphasis on quantitative rather than qualitative comparisons.
I think an emphasis on team-work and team-building would solve this though.

Sorry for the long post. I'm thinking a lot about OHR House recently, and all the things that could be done with it, including forum games.

As I mentioned before, I would be willing to pay (cash) to see some good stuff implemented, and I would like more forum options anyway, like a personal page where we could promote our portfolio.
That might give more reason to use forum tools. On the other hand, maybe keeping the forum quiet is economical and practical! I certainly think so.
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 PostFri Jan 04, 2019 11:07 pm
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I have Thoughts about all of this.

The short version is that you're basically right. The idea of the arena was to incentivize uploading games and reviews, and I think it accomplished that briefly, but the system doesn't scale well, and producing arena content over the extended term is not a task I was up to.

The arena had a good run back in the day, and it's outlived its usefulness -- but I'm reluctant to remove it at this point, both for posterity and because I put a lot of effort into it back in the day. These days, it's more of a curiosity than anything. People will occasionally challenge a slimebot, but the arena hasn't really seen any real activity in years.

Over the past decade and change, I've had several other ideas for site-supported games that didn't end up taking off, and even one finished game that ended up flopping. Looking back on them, I ended up doing some really cool stuff, and while they're all worth a peek, the only one of those that's close to playable is Robo Showdown.

(Besides those projects, let me also take this opportunity to plug The Interactive Storybook, which is also completely finished, as well as some smaller games and the awesome 7DRL Succession.)

The one other project that ended up coming together is Mega Tact, which is still completely playable, although I'm in the process of remaking it. If you're interested in a PvP game that's not the SS Arena, I'd point you to that.

Anyway, I got severely sidetracked during my trip down memory lane. The bottom line is that I'm unlikely to put in the effort to add a new game to the site, especially as I'm in the process of redeveloping Mega Tact as a standalone game. I frankly don't think the level of interest is there to justify the work I'd have to put into it. (I'd be happy to be proven wrong, though I don't see that happening.)
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 PostSat Jan 05, 2019 12:08 am
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Right. There's very little activity on the forums as it is.

I mean, it's possible to have a perfectly good ol' jolly forum game with just text and posted images :p
And if no ones having fun, its not a game. It's a chore. (possibly. My personal thoughts)
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 PostSat Jul 04, 2020 1:46 am
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I dunno, I think the slime arena is a pretty cool game.
Had a ton of fun playing it, but it got to a point where there were some people with insanely overpowered stats and than there were new people that couldn't compete.
sure you could do the stat equaling battles, but the whole draw to the game in my opinion is that it uses your slimesalad thread stats.
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 PostSat Jul 04, 2020 3:40 am
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Spoonweaver wrote:
I dunno, I think the slime arena is a pretty cool game.

Yes it is a cool game. It's the Dark Souls of forum games.
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